Which watch old cadre JinDong privately to wear?

retired veteran cadres of the standard is not only a shawl collar shadow suit, also need a highlight modelling classic wrist watch. Recently, the JinDong wrist wear Manero Perpetual Calendar Manero Perpetual Calendar rose gold wrist watch at milan menswear spring and summer 2018 Zhou Daxiu scene.


the wrist unit circle round brilliant diamonds, rigorous and distinctive. Cadre of natural and graceful, personable, handsome new height in milan!


bao qi lai manero perpetual calendar watch

this get C.O.S.C observatory certification by the Swiss government manero perpetual calendar watch is very rare, with perfect precision meter function and set auger process, and incorporates calendar in the rose gold watch case, according to the moon and new hollow out index highlights pointer dial elements, such as beautiful. Calendar display to get rid of a dust the same circular design, with three unique elliptical ring, according to reflects the treasure together for the details of the concentration and fall in love. Date display in the position of the three; The location of the week at nine o ‘clock; The location of the month and leap year at twelve o ‘clock.