They are the geek in the clock every one is a bit “different”

the spoil the usual watch design, have felt boring. Today take you enjoy three so some clocks and watches of different design.

external tourbillon

montblanc 4810 series external frame the tourbillon ultra-thin paragraph marks the 110th anniversary of the wrist watch

montblanc outer frame the tourbillon ultra-thin wrist above paragraph marks the 110th anniversary of the dial, act the role of North America, Asia and Europe respectively manual micro maps, fine interpretation of crossing the Atlantic. Each a hand-drawn map, which may vary from makes 110 limited edition watch all unique works. Below the dial decorated with & other; Geneva ripple throughout the &; Design, highlight & other; At six o ‘clock & throughout; Location of external tourbillon device, the single rhodium plated rhodium Roman numerals to assist and hollow out a pointer, the map view panoramic view. Dial outer ring is equipped with fine minutes ring, red & other; 60 & throughout; And & other 12 & throughout; Digital calibration clearly readable.

close to appreciate the outer frame the tourbillon ultra-thin marks the 110th anniversary of the wrist watch, visible inlaid in 42 mm white gold on the watch case of exquisite design details. Thin bezel edges with satin, and table above ear is linear, the end is slightly curved, to further ensure the wrist wear comfort.

this limited wrist watch the self-made MB 29.24 movement. The movement for the first time carrying decorated with fan & other; Geneva ripple throughout the &; Design of micro put tuo device, through the back cover of large size sapphire crystal glass lenses, can take in everything in a glance to appreciate this patent self movement. To reveal hand-painted dial charming amorous feelings, crown not set quick stop second display mechanism.

the fast stop second function in the framework of the tourbillon by luminous red arrow shows. Outer frame the tourbillon through tiny hair spring balance wheel stopper stop screw, the user can set the time accurate to seconds, this is also the implementation of the utility function. Quick stop second device to balance the balance wheel instantaneous stop running, rather than the compressor stop the tourbillon framework, so as not to balance wheel continue to swing, which interfere with the wrist watch precision. The device can be pulled in & other; At three o ‘clock & throughout; The location of the crown.

party in the round

Bell& Ross X1

BR – X1 set Bell & amp; Ross HyperStellar complicated watches professional watch manufacturing technology and innovation, is a specially designed for space exploration of special instrument, a limited circulation of 250 pieces. With unique design and advanced high-tech clocks and dynamic decoration, BR – X1 HyperStellar become the fifth generation of space mission for the future design iconic square wrist watch. The back of the BR – X1 HyperStellar made from grade 5 titanium. Its design just like planets observation port, with a small circular openings, can be seen through the tiny opening balance balance wheel & other; Heart & throughout; . Dial with grey sapphire crystal glass, metal timing with crystal glass, the dial is like a bright window, through it, can see the different movement. A pointer to a conical hollow out fine also USES the extraordinary photosensitive material, in order to ensure the perfect readability in any environment. With its precision dynamic design, BR – X1 HyperStellar watchcase waterproof depth is 100 meters, with a multifunctional non-standard screw seal protection, can be opened from the back. With anti glare coating sapphire crystal glass table mirror to ensure the best readability. BR – star color and decoration on the X1 HyperStellar follow & other; Senior clock & throughout; Traditional, it is strongly suggested to space travel. Grade 5 titanium (satin watchcase and positive, micro injection table on the back ring and ring polishing the table) to produce several kinds of modified grades, and gray rubber (rubber wrap, crown, button, crown protection device) and iron oxide of anode for aluminum bezel on the blue bring out the best in each other in strength and grace of double material use rubber and crocodile leather strap. Strap is equipped with stainless steel clasp, clasp with extremely strong supermodel pressure rubber insert.

see see movement

tissot T – clock clock

black and white color design in the classic tissot consistent classic minimalist style; 11 gem inlay in manufacturing manual winding mechanical movement, assignment of precious and highly quality; Eight days of mechanical power stored as T – clock bell to bring lasting power, more make the vibration frequency of 18000 times more per hour style, tick flow between the time of the scene, panoramic view. So most classical style of modern meter works, shall be for the precious time of the collection of the taste of love. Shaft with hands plucked, can listen to time walking in the balance wheel light dance between Ruth, Through the black and white pure steel minimalist parts combination, can see time on the elegant passes between the gear wheels. Tissot T – clock clock in physical practice minimalist philosophy, put the retro and modern elements into it implies time across the wrist, but constant quality. Tissot for the pursuit of high quality, reflected in its appearance under a decorative have exquisite tabulation process, after hundreds of years history of precipitation, in a special way to record the time.