Say goodbye to “middle-aged fat”, you need to have qualitative feeling a wrist watch

recently, & other; Fat middle-aged man & throughout; The concept of fire up on the Internet, netizens have fun side middle-aged men feel & other; Greasy & throughout; The habit of. These and other Greasy & throughout; The point of it, such as wearing robes outfit, often at the pedagogic, like alcohol, also like to hand in hand grease to tray and proud of it. These greasy feeling comes from the inside out, thoroughly eliminate may need to change from the inside out, but to remove some surface & other; Greasy & throughout; , there are some shortcuts can walk. Such as the most simple, is to lose beads of full hand oil storage, to change a texture, style of wrist watch.

change numerous for brief

case he’s original members of the world watches

& have spent 36 time zones around the world. Will all over time zone is displayed above the wrist watch, tend to dial into a complex & other; Throughout the globe &; . Original members of the world watches but, he’s only 2 display window is used to implement the full display the function of the zones, covering 36 time zones, in addition to 24 the whole hour zone, and even for half an hour and 15 minutes or 45 minutes time difference time zone.

members of the world watches SKP China limited money

members of the world watches the main dial shows the destination time, 12 o ‘clock position of the small dial home to show time. Highly complex mechanism through concise dial partition, let the home and destination time be clear at a glance. Watch also at 9 o ‘clock position with the sun and the stars to distinguish the destination interface, day and night to achieve dual time zone and transform shows at the same time, day and night at 8 o ‘clock position of two Windows more catered to daylight saving time (DST) and standard (STD), according to make complex function to Jane.

, he’s also changed the original design of city names corresponding to different time zone, choose the international air transport association (iata) airport code as an alternative, for business people need without at the same time interval shuttle is more clear and easy to read, the wisdom of this change numerous for brief, is actually & other; Fresh & throughout; Another face of temperament.

not only that, he’s original time zone represents a change in the past to Hong Kong east eight area time industry practices, when held in Beijing SKP ‘firsthand watch especially introducing China limited lawmakers on the world, took the lead with a more representative & other Beijing throughout the &; The word refers to the world time zone of China home belonging vividly on the table.

the beauty of the nature of the pure

parma Johnny Toric Chronomè Tre wrist watch

table ear from the golden section proportion curve more elegant, but also more accord with human body engineering principle, make wearing more comfortable.

Toric series is a brand founder Michael & middot; Parma is the wrist watch series of Johnny’s first creation design, his observation of aesthetic inspiration from the nature and life, follow the golden section proportion creation. Golden section proportion of 1:1. 618 is an ideal proportion between two kinds of size or magnitude, in the nature of the snowflakes, shell shape, petals have this ideal proportion in the smart structure.

Toric Chronomè Tre as a representative of precision, the movement of carrying PF331 after Swiss observatory official certification, ensure fully accurate reliability of walking.

Toric series table circle embossed with classical Greek dolly column unique structure for design inspiration, and decorated with circular groove and knurled decoration; Characteristic disk with two beams of a pointer, javelin design inspiration is derived from the architect phidias the giant statue of Athena, carved by hand spear; From the golden section proportion table ear curve more elegant, but also more accord with human body engineering principle, make wearing more comfortable; Exquisite movement place a tuo carving grain of grain.

purity of blue deep

when Henry for brave person three needle automatic watch

hours, minutes and seconds & hellip; It is the whole of the clock is necessary, but also the essence of the essential elements. New Henry longed for the brave person three needle series automatic wrist watch is such, not only because it can only display the time, the more simply because in addition to its appearance, it also sums up the essence of wrist watch keywords: proportion of balanced, elegant appearance, exquisite workmanship, the utility of the daily wear machine core, and original taste.


Henry longed for the brave person three needle automatic watches

fine polished leaf shape whose hands, combined with more carved the time scale, which are also used brand classic style. In general, thanks to the fumé Smoked area of application, make the appearance of the new brave person three needle series wrist watch doesn’t appear empty or simple. But on the contrary, the table looks very vivid, and light condition interaction with the outside world.

hermes Arceau outsize men watches

good wrist watch is to be able to tell the story, such as the hermes Arceau wrist watch. Hermes classic ARCEAU series wrist watch was born in 1978, by the love of equestrian sport senior designer hermes Henri d’ Origny design due to riding with deep passion and was interested in, so Henri d’ Origny often equestrian related elements into products design, ARCEAU series is created with the inspiration of the stirrups to.


new wrist watch a total of two dial optional: blue paint or hazel brown.

this is born 40 years of wrist watch, as middle-aged perplexity in the heart, radiate the world quietly elegant of clarity and peace. The wrist watch every detail after repeated deliberation, also retained its own leisure casual style. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull