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OMEGA (OMEGA) & other; Throughout her time &; Lady wrist watch one hundred acura officially kicked off at the show, as a fashion hot model nova, kay jas & bull. “And Presley & bull; “Formal to join omega celebrity ambassador family. Cindy & bull; Crawford (Cindy Crawford), in 1995 to join the omega family. More than 20 years, she has been closely associated with the brand, and many times for the brand advertising and attend the activity. Now, this paragraph of long friendship continued into the next generation.

omega family star

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kay jas & bull. “(Kaia Gerber) and Presley & bull; G “(Presley Gerber) has a beautiful appearance, full of inspiration and vitality. They not only inherited the talent of the mother, more inherited the family’s passion for omega brand, on behalf of the younger generation to watch love and original taste.

family inheritance love

supermodel, movie stars, the moderator, no matter what kind of identity, Cindy Crawford strives for perfection. Of course, as the omega brand ambassador. Now she is this a friendship for over 20 years, passed to her children.

in order to celebrate this special occasion, omega for event presents a by Peter Lindbergh for Cindy Crawford and his family rand & bull; “(Rande Gerber), Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber to make a family photo, this is the four family members first joint appearance of official photo.

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after the visit to milan, Moscow, Shanghai and Sydney, omega with & other; Throughout her time &; Lady wrist watch the best exhibition came to Paris in one hundred. From the early L&eacute luxury; Pine pocket watch, specially designed for the female social etiquette & other Concealment type jewelry watches & throughout; , to now to the model of disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch, the exhibition shows ms omega wrist watch style of technological innovation and change. Exhibition site also omega works of art and precious advertising posters, restoring ancient ways they vividly depicted in the women one hundred years the colorful life and fashion style.

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Cindy share the brand is the most classic gourmet, at the same time to invite new celebrity ambassador Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber. Cindy Kaia are introduced to the guests present in person and Presley, and congratulate them become a brand new celebrity ambassador: & other; I work with omega is a very wonderful experience, believe Kaia and Presley will also be like me. I know they have a unique charm, for them so I can become a special tabulation brand celebrity ambassador proud. Throughout the &;

Cindy a photographed with omega raynald aeschlimann global President and CEO of

omega & other; Throughout her time &; Lady wrist watch one hundred acura exhibition on September 30 solstice in Paris on October 15, Syria, residence, daily opening time is between 9 am and 7 PM. Ms

omega wrist watch shows special design aesthetics, and the history of omega long tabulation and unlimited inspiration and superb technology perfect fusion. To be in contact with Cindy and her family to share this precious moment, we feel very glory and joy.

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