I know you will choose table but will you take?

a man clinging to watch must as ms & other; Package & throughout; Cure all ills, watches, after all, a man to choose one of the most important ornaments. Now watch is no longer a simple timer, it became a taste, status, a sign of temperament.

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a new generation of entertainment & other; My cousin & throughout; Wang said in an interview he annual income 8% 10% will be used to buy the table. (don’t know is there a link between also good-looking)

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I believe Mr Love watches like wang must have a lot of, you how to choose a good watch has its own unique insights. But is sure he will not take you, after all, you have different tastes, the style of the dress is not the same. Actually watch just play the role of the ornament, with integral style collocation is the key.


like clean lines and neutral colors? Aversion to printing and design? That means you’re a minimalist. This kind of Mr General tonal simple wardrobe, mostly black and white ash. So how to undertake collocation with watch became a focus. Especially if you want to keep your own style to stand out, then you must follow your simple properties of wrist watch.

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recommend you with black strap watch, black is the safest color, it can meet your demand collocation, should become the requisite for you.


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Romain Vollet

leisure? Formal?

for that style bridging the business white-collar, formal and casual watch in addition to have the function that decorate, also must play the original properties. And because of this type of Mr Always wander between the suits and casual wear, and even watches so perfect match this two completely different style. Suggest a watch not too formal, so as to perfect match suit and denim jacket.

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you should also look out, Mr For this kind of style, choose the focus of the watch is the variability. So please try to choose the color contracted but not plain strap, such as brown. So I can with you many LOOK harmonious.


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formal control

this kind of style is a lot of people love heart and representative – bullying President. You need to keep fair and reliable in the workplace, & quot; The uniform & quot; In addition to the dress is the dress, so a look serious watch is indispensable. But to leave the work place, your watch is slightly dull? Especially if you want to go to the party.

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when you need to look for watch looks serious but adornment sex is extremely strong. When the job is after the end of the party so won’t embarrassed. Recommend you choose gold strap watch, is both elegant and won’t appear pale. Match up the velvet suit would be a bonus.


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street sport wind

this style of Mr Mostly love smart watches, after all, convenient and practical. Indeed, this does not make mistakes, but why not let oneself have qualitative feeling collocation looks more? If you have to try the classic stainless steel table, then you must love smart watches don’t get up.

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this type of watch solid, smooth, usually has a polished stainless steel strap and colorful dial. Although it doesn’t map you exercise, calculate you burn calories, but its timing function can also meet your requirements. The most important is, match up the movement of wind clothing really can have unexpected effects.