How to give yourself a tag watch brand?


a simple Slogan brought together the concept of brand, culture, values, and so on information, a good AD value daughter, tend to give the brand big points, then these Slogan of wrist watch brand, which one do you like?

1. Omega: the choice of XXX

example: nicole & middot; Kidman’s choice, Eddie & middot; Redmayne, choice, related to advertising spokesperson.

omega advertising figure

2. The rolex: a rolex, a story

rolex used classic advertising, such as: & other; Rolex never change the world, but will leave it to wear it throughout the &; . Domestic website slogan is more straightforward, simple & other; Luxury watches, the classic noble choice & throughout; And it is true.

rolex advertisement figure

3. All nations: the IWC, designed for men

although the universal female table now do very well, but this is for men’s slogan, moreover once the slogan, also let many people remember: & other; We really don’t know how long can a iwc go, because we only have set up in 140. Throughout the &;

universal advertising figure

universal creative advertising figure

in 2014, the nations for Kate & middot; Blanchett (Cate Blanchett), Emily & middot; Blunt (Emily Blunt), zhou xun, a set of commercial blockbusters, intended to open the women watch market

4. Tiger tag heuer: fearless challenge achievement ego





breguet watch classic

7. Watch: the fusion of art

& other; That watch love art & throughout; , has become the brand’s most distinctive label in recent years, but say love & other; Crossover & throughout; The wrist watch brand.

art wrist watch table cross-border cooperation

8. Abby: control the routine, molded innovation

audemars advertising figure

9. Vacheron constantin: you can easily have the time, but cannot easily have vacheron constantin

this is the most classic a slogan vacheron constantin, another is very widely translated version is: & other; You can afford to have the time, but not easy to possess vacheron constantin & throughout; Slogan, is really a thorn, you suddenly remembered. In addition brand business strategy is also slogan: & other; Minimum quantity, the best quality, the highest price & throughout; .

you cannot easily have vacheron constantin

10. Patek philippe: no one really has a patek philippe. It’s just for the next generation custody.

classic! & other; null