Grain under the gem filled infinite

sunshine, wheat field, the scene of a harvest by innumerable paintings, photographs, films, this represents a warm, rich and happy scene, now has a new paint. Dazzling jewelry to deduce the harvest wheat, originally look common wheat under the gem filled infinite.

depict a good harvest of wheat with gem

treasure dragon poem & ndash; & ndash; Summer grain

7 stalk is a symbol of French folk traditional lucky charm. Boucheron treasure dragon poem in the lucky symbol for inspiration, in a whole new way to deduce the classic brand beginning since 1889 & ndash; The question mark necklace. Lingering neck on grain lifelike, parody in the wind, arouse the fall harvest season memory; Sky diamonds elaborate which just like the moonlight sparkles with splendor of the crop. Hand in photograph reflect with series bracelet and ring for the luxury classics into fulfillment.

Summer grain (Wheat of Summer) & have spent

still the Paris & ndash; & ndash; Harvest symbol

grain in western myth story with good moral, Mr Lacey goddess in charge of the symbol of wheat harvest, give diamond jewelry work rich aesthetic feeling.

& other; La Nature DE CHAUMET” Grain of & other; Sunshine throughout the field &; Wearing necklaces

chanel & ndash; & ndash; Hot praise

Les Bles DE CHANEL CHANEL is the first series to grain design of fine jewelry series for inspiration. Les Bles DE CHANEL series shows to the world of CHANEL fine jewelry series of “elegance, also to jia BaiLiEr & middot; One of the most unique logo chanel & ndash; Grain to offer the most hot sincere praise.

CHANEL Les Bles DE CHANEL fine jewelry series