Earrings new variety right can also wear nice is really smart!

现在早已过了“ Ear hole decided earrings & throughout; Era, when the earrings types in the ostrich trend came to our side, about these pleasant jewelry what belong to what kind of classification, what to wear, is to let a person carefully for fear of a part of the error. Don’t panic, elder sister is here.

to tell me about these earrings noun of a love-hate relationship!

Ear Cuff, Double stud earrings, Ear Jacket… & hellip;

just a random number, there are so many new things, not on the most common type of earrings earrings eardrop, is really have enough elbow room completely remember again. Ok fine sister, za a a slowly said.

Ear Cuff the dust

say first Ear Cuff, which in the earrings in the new world also calculate not look unfamiliar, female stars are in the ears to wear a & other; Small fan & throughout; , you will find that the Ear Cuff is already very popular.

first appearance of the dust, it is to give the aura of ancient clever odd choice, let the earring is especially popular with young girls.

of course, the most common is the wings of the elf ears style modelling the Ear Cuff, but to be honest, fine sister think, if really not gentle type of girl, try to explore the new model.

can fasten sen design with a cool feeling, perhaps only the Ear Cuff the!!!! Variety of geometric modelling such & other; Nest & throughout; Shape of the Ear Cuff, plus metal, how see how feeling with hale and hearty.

or turns into a modern girl, feathers and body is not can’t, and so on colour more points, return afraid a earrings can not meet the best absorption effect?

metal ball is real popular over the past few years, this looks simple but with a little sexy metal wind Ear Cuff is worth trying new modelling, concise and joker.

and focus on the Ear Cuff you must also to match skills, some female stars is the most commonly used to wear law & other; Monaural fold wear method & throughout; , a suction eye enough to complete tasks.

even if he is absolutely look fashionable, Diane Kruger completes the classical deduce.

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OSCAR DE LA RENTA Millegrain Petal gilded crystal clip button earrings

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Double stud earrings for fashionable guest

you don’t know the Double stud earrings, but to show you some picture, you must be in an instant and clear.

, is such a double ball design. Let earrings modelling round pearls are full and builds a gentle glow is just right.

is the feeling of an Epiphany! Double stud earrings absolutely swept through the world fashion jewelry boxes, any girl to own jewelry collocation have request, will be Double stud earrings obsessed. null