Cheap goods is not good? 5000 yuan can also win a good table

有朋友问我,买表一定要花那么多钱吗? This question, my answer is not necessarily, a few dollars, a plastic table a is not on ten million patek philippe also thering is no lack of buyers. Play table in this matter, according to the purchasing power of the individual, or simply because hobbies, no constraint conditions. But watch today’s home a few introduce will help friends with limited budgets 5000 yuan watch, even under the condition of limited budgets, which tables still can be your good choice. & have spent

SEIKO SEIKO SEIKO 5 series SNZG17J1 watches

domestic very very: RMB 2700 wrist watch diameter: temporary numerous according to movement type: automatic mechanical watch case material: stainless steel plating waterproof depth: 50 meters recommend reason: seiko as clocks and watches of famous Japanese producers, its quality in the same position of watch brand, no doubt. Watch of wrist of seiko 5 series SNZG17J1 plating stainless steel watchcase material, the design for the appearance of the whole black. Fluorescent material USES disk pointer and time scale at the same time, with black mutual echo. Disk 3 point of the week, date display window at the same time of increasing overall design feeling, also can promote the overall and practical performance. Adopted this watch sapphire crystal glass table mirror can to a certain extent, reduce wear in daily life for table mirror, waterproof coefficient of up to 50 meters fully meet the daily needs. In the price of two thousand yuan, seiko achieved the quality of the absolute value.

citizen sports series BJ7076-00 e watches

domestic very very: RMB 3600 wrist watch: diameter of 45 mm movement type: the kinetic energy of the light case material: stainless steel cladding BJP waterproof depth: 200 meters recommended reason: the kinetic energy of light as a citizen’s core technology, since 1995, the first optical kinetic energy watches, citizen company constantly improve the design of optical kinetic energy watches and technology. Overcome the dial habits, energy storage, power and other various technical problems. This only watches sports series, not only has the light kinetic energy movement technology, on the design of the dial also use black dial with black leather and PU substrate. 45 mm case diameter for wrist relatively fine gentleman is when considering the watch the only reason to shake. & have spent

T – CLASSIC series T41.5.423.53 tissot watches

domestic very very: RMB 4850 wrist watch diameter: 39.3 mm movement type: automatic mechanical watch case material: stainless steel plating waterproof depth: 30 meters recommended reason: the tissot watches since its birth in 1853, has been given priority to with populist route, most watches are priced very series have affinity, and the tissot watch was considered very important in design details. The rose gold plated series wrist watch domestic very very less than 5000 yuan, compared to other brand & other; Gold rose over & throughout; The price of pricing, it is obvious. Tissot T – CLASSIC series T41.5.423.53 wrist watch with black dial with brown leather strap, interprets the elegant and CLASSIC. & have spent

: China has an old saying called & other; Cheap goods is not good & throughout; , but this & other; Cheap & throughout; With & other; Good & throughout; The definition is relative. For the choice of watch brand, my advice to you is in the range that fits your budget as far as possible choose higher brand awareness, national higher brand recognition. As a result, the quality has the safeguard, also not too lose when changed hands again. Of course, buy table it also pay attention to eye rim, daughter doesn’t buy you happy is not?