Ceramic inlay

When opening the mouth widely and laughing or singing, the metal filling of the back tooth shines glaring and stands out.
If the filling of the back tooth is written, just remove the metal filler and change to a ceramic inlay (inlay = padding)
makes it inconspicuous .

Ceramic inlays adhere stuffing made of ceramic instead of metal filling.
Unlike metal filled stuff, we can reproduce the color of teeth, so there is
no remnant of remedy .
Also, since the ceramic is a body-friendly material, metal ions will melt out and teeth will not color or cause allergies.

It looks nice and hardly discolors.

Dirt (plaque) is difficult to adhere.

Since no metal is used, there is no possibility of discoloration of teeth and gums due to melting out of metal, metal allergy and the like.


The amount of cutting teeth is relatively large.

Because of non-insurance treatment, the price is expensive.

Appearance by caster’s technique

It is easy to get hold difference.

Treatment period
2 to 3 times (It differs depending on the number of teeth and the state of gum)
Point of treatment
It is finished in a more natural feeling with a sense of transparency. Sometimes it may be necessary to treat gums.

All ceramic crown

The all ceramic crown makes teeth, teeth, colors and shapes beautiful in a short time.

Ceramic crown is a treatment method that arranges teeth, colors and shapes by placing a ceramic tooth on the teeth cut to a small size (about 1 – 1.5 mm).

It is possible to respond to such cases that only the tooth which has changed color, as well as the case where only irregular teeth of size, teeth with clearance, unsatisfactory teeth of tooth alignment, tooth root part are left.

It is a white tooth.
Because it is made of 100% ceramics, it transmits light naturally, it can not be distinguished from natural teeth. As well as front teeth, it
can also be used for molars and inlays (stuffing) .

· Because it is manufactured only with ceramic, there is natural clearness and shine.

· Suitable for metal allergies when used in conjunction with ceramic cores.

· Since we are not using metal at all, we do not have to worry about seeing a black line.

· It will not discolor in the long term.

· The strength slightly drops compared with metal bond.

· As the amount of tooth scrape increases, it is not recommended for teeth with nervousness.

Lion Implant Center

Lion dentistry has stated “good action” as a motto and has been trying to make good work for patients for 19 years. To that end, we think that not only compassion for patients, as well as evolving dental care always acquire new skills is the origin of providing high-quality dental care.
For that reason, I go to the dental training of the implant overseas several times a year, trying to acquire the knowledge of the specialized field of the United States and the advanced therapy method thinking about the whole body of Europe.
Currently he is a clinical professor at Nihon University and an associate professor at the German International Implant Academy.

Our hospital is striving to provide comprehensive dental practice by covering a wide range of fields including abundant ME (medical and electronics) equipment, implant and esthetic to whole body occlusion / natural growth induction correction. (Seiichi Suzuki)

Lion Implant Center (Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture), as the nation’s largest implant specialized facility in Japan, in order to tackle implant treatment in a better treatment environment based on experience and achievements of more than 5000 cases of previous treatment of implants, Kanagawa We opened it. It is an independent type “true implant center” specialized in the implant, not in the hospital in-house type that has been so far. In addition to six treatment platforms and two operating rooms, the Center also has the only hospitalization facilities in the latest X-ray (CT for dentistry treatment) room, disinfection room / counseling room, dentist’s office.

Clinic data
Tel 046-232-8811
The director Senichi Suzuki
Director’s career 1984 Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo graduated from
Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo first oral surgery part-time
opening of the 1987 Lion dental
2006 Nihon University clinical professor appointed
Lion implant center opened
in 2008 Germany International Academy of implant Associate Professor appointed
Street address Kanagawa prefecture Ebina City Katsase 140-3
home page http://www.implantcenter.ne.jp/
Medical time Monday · Tue · Water · Friday · Sat 10: 00 ~ 13: 00/14: 30 ~ 19: 00
※ The reception will be until 18:30.
Closed: Sunday · Thursday
Closed day Sunday · Thursday
nearest station Odakyu · JR · Sagami Rail Line Ebina Station
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.


Excellent building dental office

At our hospital, we provide an environment where patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
We will help you with health care so that each patient can enjoy life through optimal treatment of teeth such as treatment of implants, also known as second permanent teeth, orthodontic treatment.
Before starting treatment, I will explain the condition of the disease and treatment, but do not hesitate to ask doctors and staff if there is something you do not know about treatment. (Yiharu Hayashi)

It is a dental clinic in Shinjuku Ward Waseda. We are doing functional and aesthetic implant treatment. We also do socket lift (bone regeneration treatment), so please consult those who were told that bone is thin and can not be implanted.

Tel 03-3204-8850
The director Lin Yi Lin
Director’s career 1979 Nihon University Matsudo Dental College 1979-1983 Worked for IDA (International Dental Academy) 1983-1985 Worked at Kawazu Dental Clinic 1986 Yuan Building Dental Clinic opened
Street address Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Babashita-cho 62 Kuu Building 2F
home page http://www.u-dental.com/
Medical time Weekday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 7: 00
Saturday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 6: 00
Closed day Sundays and public holidays
nearest station Waseda Station
traffic Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station

Harajuku Dental Office

Since our establishment in 1974, our hospital has been used by many patients.
Many patients who have passed long have been loved in this area of ​​Omotesando.
Our hospital is based on comprehensive dental treatment. In other words, I believe that various troubles such as tooth alignment, tooth decay, loss of teeth, gum trouble, poor appearance, etc. can be regained in total, healthy, comfortable, beautiful mouth by properly treating each is.
Therefore, our hospital has always introduced state-of-the-art technology, many clinical experiences and latest equipment so that we can deal with all problems of mouth.
Moreover, not only what is latest is important, but from among many treatment methods, we select technologies that are more clinically effective, and we aim for patients with peace of mind.
In recent years, he has worked as clinical director, he is a chairman and instructor of SJCD (Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry), and has raised many dentists to give lectures at numerous academic conferences and study meetings We also provide guidance. (Mountain? Chiro)

It is a dental clinic in Shibuya, Omotesando. We are aiming for highly accurate treatments and technologies such as dental treatment, whitening, aesthetic dentistry, and implants. Shibuya station, Omotesando station 10 minutes on foot.

Clinic data
Tel 03-3400-9405
The director Mountain? Chiro
Director’s career 1970 Graduated from Tokyo Dental College 1974 Harajuku Dental Office opened
Street address 2-1-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
home page http://www.harajyuku-dental.com/
Medical time 10: 00-13: 00 a.m. / 14: 00-18: 00 pm
Closed day Saturday · Sunday · public holiday
nearest station Tokyo Metro Line Omotesando Station
traffic Tokyo metro line Omotesando station 10 minutes on foot JR Yamanote line Shibuya station 10 minutes on foot

Ginza Ikebuchi Dentistry

Losing a tooth is very painful.
Spending everyday while feeling pain and incompatibility with dentures not fitting does not have a positive impact on the health of your mouth or spiritually.
At this hospital, we are conducting medical examination and operation of implants from 8 am to 9 pm on weekends as well as on weekends as well as weekends, holidays, so that people who are busy or those who are hospitalized from a distance can recover their dental health.
An experienced ITI Implant Certified Doctor with over 500 cases per year will do polite and less painful treatment as possible with consideration for functional and aesthetic aspects.
We will consider the state and hope of your mouth and explain the possibilities and comparisons of other treatments.
If you are having trouble with your teeth please feel free to contact us.
(Takeshi Ikebuchi)

I would like to attend a dental office, but I am too busy that I can not have much time.

I think I have to go but the treatment of my teeth hurts and seems scary ….

For that reason, most people who have not been able to visit other dental clinics until now are hospitalized here.
I want to receive treatment properly for such patients, we do medical treatment from 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays as well as on weekdays.

In a relaxed state of mind and body, treat no pain.
From such a feeling, medical staff from the position of a clinic and patient in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the director and staff, we have been trying until today since the opening.

There are many cases where casual signs that are often overlooked are actually silent signals emitted from the body.

Even if you are aware that something is wrong something,
you tend to leave it as it is because you do not understand or because you do not know where you can consult.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any concerns, even if it is just a trivial thing, so that various such signs will not be a big trouble.

From general dental treatment to implants, whitening. With the latest equipment and reliable medical technology, we will spend time taking care of any troubles with your mouth.

Clinic data
Tel 03-5537-0335
The director Takeshi Ikebuchi
Street address Ginza 5-8-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza Nakaya Building 3F
home page http://www.ginza-dental.jp/
Medical time (Monday – Sunday) AM 8: 00 ~ PM 9: 00 7
days a week
Closed day Please contact the doctor’s office regarding the closure day.
nearest station Ginza Station
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.