Gum peeling is a treatment method to restore dark gums to pink with good blood color.
If melanin pigment deposits on the gingiva than smoking etc., you can revive healthy pink gum with a technique called gum peeling.

There are two types of gum peeling: laser peeling by laser treatment and chemical peeling by chemical peeling method.

Many of the laser beams are applied to reacting to black color to selectively remove spot / melanin pigment under the skin, activate the skin turnover, and stain spots.

When you do whitening (laser peeling) of gums with laser, healthy pink gums come back.

Apply medicine to the gums and peel the gum surface.
The pain is somewhat tingling.
Immediately after treatment, gums will turn white with medicine, but after 2 or 3 days the membrane peels off and turns into pink gums like birth in about one or two weeks.
Depending on the person, about once it is necessary several treatments.



It is a cure that regenerates new tooth firmly rooted by planting artificial teeth roots just like their own teeth in the place where teeth come out. For that reason, you do not have to remove it like a denture every night, it is natural as it looks, and you can eat deliciously as if you were feeling like your own tooth.

Since the implant has the structure closest to its own tooth without using the surrounding teeth, it is also an excellent treatment for appearance.

Implant treatment incorporating aesthetic dentistry can regain the aesthetic qualities that can not be distinguished from your teeth unless bone resorption is large.

There is no sense of incompatibility or foreign body which is likely to occur in dentures, and a feeling close to natural teeth is obtained. It does not damage the taste of food and does not affect pronunciation. It is a natural finish that looks like natural teeth.

Because it can chew properly, the bones do not weaken, it does not put an extra burden on the surrounding teeth. Also like partial dentures and bridges, we do not scrape natural tooth or clasp (spring) for wearing.

Surgery is necessary to implant the implant in the bone of the jaw. There is some pain compared to dentures and others, and it will take several months until treatment is finished. However, if you think carefully, I feel uneasy that the treatment that supports tooth health for decades ends in a few days.
It is also important to take time to carefully in order to send everyday with peace of mind.

Implant treatment is not covered by health insurance.
Implant therapy will examine your mouth every corner and will undergo surgical operation so it will be an out-of-insurance treatment.


Even if I am planning to polish cleanly every day, there is always something left to do with a toothbrush alone somewhere.

In the cleaning of teeth, remove the tooth contamination that causes bad breath and dental plaque by using a scaler.

Because it can remove dirt such as pigment and tartar which can not be removed by oneself, it has effects such as preventing troubles such as halitosis, tooth decay and periodontal disease, keeping the beauty of teeth.

Cleaning which can be done easily in a short time, fine dirt can be taken without hurting the surface of the tooth.

Because it uses abrasive, it can not be done frequently because it scrapes a little teeth, but it polishes to rub the surface of the tooth at the same time as becoming dirty.

Teeth dirt and plaque are actually adhered to something like a barrier formed on the surface of teeth. So, if you destroy this barrier, extremely dirty and dental plaque will become difficult to adhere. However, this barrier is stubborn and can not be removed with toothpaste. Even if we take it, it will be formed again soon. However, it turned out that fluorine has an action to inhibit the formation of this barrier. This effect continues for about 6 months by destroying the barrier by polishing and acting fluorine immediately afterward. Cleaning takes about 1 hour but it can expect a considerable effect.



Whitening can be roughly divided into three types.
Office whitening done at a dental office and home whitening that you do at home. And there is the most effective dual whitening that combines the two methods.

It is because the whitening component of the gel for exclusive whitening removes the coloring in the tooth enamel. The ingredients generated from the gel dedicated to whitening are activated, enter the enamel of the tooth, decompose the color components and become colorless, so the teeth turn white.

The Beyond System is a whitening (bleaching) technology with a visible light irradiator developed in the United States.

By using the latest optical technology, light rays are at low temperature, so tooth hypersensitivity is reduced as much as possible.

The treatment time is only about 30 minutes. In the United States, more than 1 million patients already have teeth whitening with this technology.

It has an excellent effect on smoking, drinking coffee, tea, tooth discoloration caused by drugs (fluorine and tetracycline), yellowing caused by aging and heredity.

Benefits of office whitening Disadvantage of office whitening
There is immediate effect, you
can get some whiteness at a single visit .

All are done by a dentist / dental hygienist.

The back teeth that light does not reach can not turn white.

The color backtracking is
somewhat faster than the home whitening .

I feel pain on the day of treatment.

Home whitening

It is an easy way to do while a patient is asleep at home under the direction of a dentist.

First, we will make a soft and soft mouthpiece to match your teeth shape.
I inject a “Whitening gel (10 – 20% urea peroxide)” into the mouthpiece and let the teeth whiten by applying medicine to the teeth while sleeping.
It usually runs for about 2 to 4 weeks.
Regarding effects, there are individual differences.
It may not be able to expect a large effect on congenital and endogenous discoloration such as side effects of antibiotics.
However, the effect has been confirmed for the majority of patients.

Benefits of home whitening Disadvantages of home whitening
You can do it for your convenience.

It can be white to the back teeth.

The limit point where it can be white is high.

In office whitening, there is a possibility that teeth which are difficult to whiten can also be made white.

Whiteness lasts longer.

It takes time until the effect appears (white).

We need continued patience.

Some people feel a sense of incompatibility with wearing a tray.

Laminate veneer

A laminate veneer is a treatment method of pasting a thin ceramic plate as thin as the thickness of the nail to the part where the surface of the tooth is scraped.

It is used when treating severe cases of pigmentation which is not effective in whitening, when it is drawing a small gap of anterior teeth, tooth decay which has darkened to the surface, lightly twisted tooth, tooth which is broken or broken Yes.
The amount by which the surface of the tooth is scraped is 0.5 mm, and the enamel remains.
There, fix the ceramic laminate veneer with a strong adhesive
There is no need to shave the back of teeth and between teeth.
Also, usually there is no pain, no need to anesthetize.
The time required for one treatment is about 2 hours, it ends 2 to 4 times.
It is said that if you do care properly, it will last ten years.

I am concerned about the discoloration of the tooth surface. There is a discoloration due to a thin decay on the surface.

Just by bleaching the tooth surface, it is impossible to obtain sufficient effect.

I am concerned about discoloration of plastic filler.

I am concerned about irregularities in tooth size and width.

I am concerned about the tooth gap.

I want to be a beautiful tooth, but for that reason I do not want to sharply scrape teeth.

There are variations in the color of teeth.

Hybrid inlay

Hybrid inlay is a new material which has characteristics of both plastic and ceramics by adding ceramics to conventional resin (a kind of plastic) as a simple explanation.

Hybrid inlays use this material. Because it does not use metal, it is gentle to the body and there is no worry of metal allergy.
It has good light permeability and gives a lively natural feeling like natural teeth

It is a color that is easy to match with your teeth, so it is natural and inconspicuous.

Because it is the same hardness as a tooth, it is natural biting but it is hard to break.

There is no worry about metal allergy.

It is cheaper than ordinary ceramic.

Since the material is ultra high-quality resin, it is not 100% ceramic, so its durability is a little inferior to ceramics.

Difference between Hybrid and Ceramics
Both color tones are white natural teeth, but the change in color over time is slightly discolored by hybrids compared to ceramics.
Hybrid is also softer compared to ceramics hardness. For the price, the hybrid is a
little cheaper.