Boucheron treasure dragon Beijing opened the first boutique bright poem

on March 1, Boucheron treasure dragon is Beijing’s first boutique opened officially, store of flourishing more square head office 26 classical architectural style in Paris, for the guests go to the shop to build comfortable space. On the day of the opening cocktail party, the brand is also specially show calendar year classic, invited guests try appreciation, by inheriting 160 jewelry family French feelings.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem Beijing’s first boutique opened bright

Boucheron treasure dragon is the first step into China poem

two boutiques grand opening, marked the preliminary implementation brand expanding retail landscape of ambition in Asia, not only that, Boucheron treasure dragon poem more is expected in 2018 set up shop in Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei and Seoul. In 2019 is expected to open a flagship store in China. Boutiques will cover brand classic Quatre series and other kinds of jewelry, display family traditional French technology and bold innovation of jewelry design.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem H&eacute chief executive of the world; Lè Ne Poulit – Duquesne said: & other; Boucheron treasure dragon poem very glad to be formally entering the China market and meet with the consumers. Believe that family 160 traditional French technology and innovative jewelry design, can meet the different needs of Chinese guests. Throughout the &;

as the first jewelry store in flourishing more square, Boucheron treasure poetry since 1858 addicted to writing all kinds of dragon have infinite originality, avant-garde design style and changeable French haute couture jewelry. Boucheron treasure dragon poems have proud of technology and the powerful and unconstrained style of creativity, use of bold design and material innovation, rewrite wear beads, become the classics of senior French jewelry industry.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Plume DE Paon peacock feathers series

platinum pendant earrings

price RMB 748000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

animal series Fuzzy cat ring

price RMB 276000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Lierre DE Paris Paris ivy series

platinum necklace

price RMB 774000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Pompon series mother-of-pearl and diamond necklace

price RMB 1590000

Boucheron treasure dragon poems experience tour, interweave avant-garde style

solstice 16th March 28, 2018, Boucheron treasure dragon poems will be held in Shanghai hang lung plaza unique jewelry experience shows, in the natural environment and the perfect blend of modern scenery, visitors will conduct a jewelry journey through time. Opening day, Boucheron treasure dragon creative director, Claire Choisne poem will also be invited to attend, announced himself family Pompon tassel series and Plume DE Paon peacock feathers series, jewelry family superb technology and special technology, Shared calendar year design concept. At the same time, the exhibition will appear in a variety of innovative digital technology Quatre series & other; The side is I & throughout; The unique style, make visitors into Quatre series of wonderful world.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Quatre Classique series diamond ring, skinny

price RMB 51000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Quatre Radiant rose gold diamond ring series, narrow version

price RMB 56000

about Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Boucheron treasure dragon born in Paris since 1858, has long been the French jeweler of importance. Innovative design make family, become the pronoun of high-quality jewelry; Bold avant-garde style, and is intended to create a classic tomorrow.

Boucheron treasure dragon born poem

in 1893, the Philippines, alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem (Fré Dé Ric Boucheron) in castilla her earl of residential & ndash; & ndash; Cast more square to open a jewelry store, 26 Boucheron treasure dragon became the first poem in mong many square jeweller, also opened up here as a magnificent history of jewelry design resort Paris. With keen intuition, he chose to flourish much square, near the Paris opera (Opé Ra Garnier) and the Tuileries gardens (Tuileries gardens), the famous aristocrats were gathered here. At the same time, the western Sahara Leeds (1850-1918) in 1898 to build the ritz hotel, with German alex? Treasure together with Mr Long poem contributed to today’s popular daum square shape: luxurious, delicate taste, the palace of French elegance and exclusive process performance.

from the beginning of the birth, Boucheron treasure dragon poem walked in the trend of the tip. Founder’s vision and creativity, the spirit down four generations, still faith. German alex? Treasure dragon as a cloth merchant’s son, for a long time was determined to make a copy as childhood contact senior fabric soft gold. One of the perfect example of this is his Delilah necklace, gold ruffles reflect exquisite craft. Followed by family gradually developed a series of exquisite craft, such as Charles Brodinckx wonderful artical excelling nature diamond engraving attainments, those Riffault proficient in crystal through the enamel craft, and inlaid carving, polishing, gold, and tiger stripes wood and the use of raw materials, such as the crystal, laid a jewelry brand new aesthetics, rewrite the top French jewelry standard of excellence. German alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem introduce new breakthroughs in art and aesthetics into the creative process, become the family always uphold the conviction, and through the work until now. 2015 haute couture jewelry series groundbreaking use of marble, sandstone and other new materials, and reflects the innovative spirit of the brand.

forward-looking German alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem soon discovered that, when customers beginning to tire of traditional jewelry, especially the empress eugenie, advocating the Etruscan style. He resolutely to the ancient Greek and Roman art materials, explore new ideas, new ethos in the design, explore direction for the design of modern style. He and his mate, chief designer Paul Legrand to design the Question Mark Question Mark necklace, won the 1889 Paris world exposition gold medal. Necklace without pin buckle to hang on the neck, let him be loved by women seeking freedom from the jeweller.

uphold the spirit of freedom is bold and unrestrained, bold innovation, to this day, Boucheron treasure dragon still tirelessly to create tomorrow’s classic poem.

brand course

1858: founder Fré Dé Ric Boucheron palace garden in Paris (Palais Royal) to open the first between the jewelry store.

1866: Boucheron poetry treasure dragon family first mate.

1867: world expo won innovation prize.

1893: to become the first in more than 26 jeweller’s square.

1900: world exposition won the gold medal, the gorgeous and dazzing design was greatly appreciated.

1928: Indian states Lord entrusted family 149 pieces of jewelry, become prosperous daum has always been the biggest jewelry orders in the square.

1947: Boucheron treasure dragon classic poem Reflet wrist watch was born.

1968: Serpent Bohè Me series was born, for the family important jewelry series.

2000: Boucheron treasure dragon family to open cloud group.

2004: Quatre series.

2012: Boucheron treasure dragon poem to taking part in the Paris antiques biennale.

2017: launch high-end jewelry Hiver Impé Rial series.

2018: coin museum in Paris Vendô Rama temporary exhibitions, Boucheron poetry treasure dragon family’s 160th anniversary celebrations. null