I Have Been House Sitting for Jake

I did not understood what Jake meant when he told me that his wife was going to make him move out of his house until I spent last week house sitting for him. It turns out that the house right next door now belongs to a large group of extremely beautiful girls who spend nearly all of their time wearing almost no clothes. One of them actually runs a Utah escort service I would learn. I am sure there must be laws against looking this good in your own back yard here in Utah. At any rate I made sure to introduce myself as quickly as I could, but they told me that Jake had warned them about me. Apparently he had gone out of his way to tell them all about me, like a true friend he had lied in just the right way. Now I can cook quite well, but he told them that I was a five star chef.

I laughed when they told me this and told them that Jake was my best friend forever, and I could see why his wife did not like them moving in. Apparently the house was just an investment for them and fortunately for me these girls worked hardly at all and were quite often bored. Four of them lived them including the older one who was probably 30 years old, but there were usually only two or three there when I cooked for them. They bought the groceries and told me that I would get a reward if they liked the meal. This turned out to be a lap dance usually, but once I told them that we would have Mexican and that expensive tequila was the perfect accompaniment for the meal I would prepare. They laughed at this, but were really well lubricated when the lap dances started.

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They Taught Me How to Sell Anything!

When I got promoted to a sales position, I admit that I was worried about it. I know there are people who are natural salesmen, but I was not one of them. My boss was not worried about that because he saw potential in me. He told me that there is a sales training course that I could attend. When he told me it was just three days and the company would pay for it, I honestly thought that it would be a waste of time. I did not see how I could change into an accomplished salesperson in just three days.

I told my boss my concerns. I was just worried about his leap of faith when it came to me. Continue reading “They Taught Me How to Sell Anything!”

Sleep Apnea: What It Is, Symptoms & Treatments

There are many different sleep disorders about including narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea. This article goes over what sleep apnea is and symptoms of the disorder.

There are 2 types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and central sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is categorized by episodes of upper airway blockage during sleep. These episodes are repetitive and associated with reduced blood oxygen saturation. There are many things that can block the upper airways including large tonsils, excess tissue in the airway, a large tongue, airway muscles relaxing and collapsing during sleep. The nose and the structure of the jaw can also contribute to sleep apnea.

Central Sleep Apnea is also characterized by episodes of upper airway blockage and lack of effort in breathing during sleep. Central sleep apnea is rare in comparison to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and is also much more difficult to diagnose. Neuromuscular problems are usually involved in this type of apnea.

Generally the symptoms of this sleep disorder are that one stops breathing during sleep but unfortunately is unaware and one is very sleepy during the day.

Some effects of obstructive sleep apnea can be:

  • Morning headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Loud snoring
  • Excess weight
  • Dry mouth upon awakening
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentration
  • Heartburn
  • Excessive sweating during sleep
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Restless sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Reduced libido

Sleep apnea can be life threatening and needs medical attention as soon as possible. If it goes undiagnosed it can cause heart attacks, strokes, an irregular heartbeat and impotence to name a few things.

If you feel like you may have it or a sleep disorder please see a Doctor. A doctor will determine where you have apnea by giving you a sleep test called a polysomnography. There are two types of polysomnograms. One polysomnogram is taken overnight and involves monitoring muscle tension, brain waves, eye movement, respiration and oxygen levels in the blood. The other type of polysomnogram is a home test. You are hooked up to electrodes by a sleep technologist who will tell you how to record your sleep.

If you are found to have a mild case, then this can usually be treated by lifestyle or behavioural changes. Things like losing weight or sleeping on your side will be recommended to you. You may be given an oral device to help reduce snoring and prevent the problem. Even if you do have a mild case you should be aware that this could lead to a moderate or severe case. Sleep apnea is progressive and as you age it can get worse, so trying to overcome it as soon as you can is key.

Moderate to severe cases are usually treated with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (C-PAP). More severe cases may involve a Bi-level machine that blows two different air pressures i.e. when the person inhales the pressure is higher than when exhaling.

If treatments do not help, there are surgery options but these are only an option when nothings helps the issue.

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TA can predict the weather and the alien visitors chance “the fifth element” star clock weather station

MB& F and L’ Epé E 1839 cooperation “the Fifth Element” (at Fifth Element) for a star clock weather station, even in the electric power decline, also can accurately predict the weather, the four elements (UFO) : clock, thermometer, hygrometer and barometer gathered in an aircraft carrier (alien pilots Ross held them), create a all parts together more huge entity & ndash; The fifth element.

at first glance, the simulation weather station may be a little rusty; However, when the storm hits and electricity dropped, the fifth element can still work perfectly. And, in the worst cases, can leap in spacecraft with Ross, away from the earth.

MB& F founder Maximilian Bü Sser always have a special liking to a desktop weather stations in the last century, has been struggling to not find a suitable model of restoring ancient ways, so he decided to build on its own.

“the fifth element” consist of four detachable and interchangeable type parts:

clock element

due to the weather forecast is based on the speed of the change of time to do judgment, therefore, the correct time is one of the elements of meteorological observation. L ‘Epé E 1839 for the reconstruction and the fifth element to hollow out the conceptual design 8 clock movement, in order to enhance its transparency and visual effect.

barometer element

barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure, and the weather forecast is the main tool: generally speaking, the increase of the pressure, indicates the sunny weather, air pressure decrease is bad weather. Change the faster, the upcoming for more extreme weather phenomenon.

hygrometer element

moisture meter can measure the ratio of water vapour in the atmosphere; A display value of percentage of maximum humidity may contain both temperatures.

thermometer element

the thermometer is not only simple measuring temperature, but the average kinetic energy of measuring material: the higher the temperature, the greater the energy. In terms of nature, the thermometer can be used as energy storage pointer from the surrounding atmosphere.

the fifth element in a pleasant fantasia to cope with the serious face of weather forecast, in L ‘Epé E1839 fencing, series precision using the curve and the circle construction, and then stack the large framework, perfect achievements of this style of space weather stations. Carrier by more than 500 separate parts and interchangeable type elements; The wrist watch is even more delicate degree of many large complex function!

MB&F more integrating function of a secret until it all works: this technique was absolutely understanding laugh. On the fifth element, the role of Ross: the alien pilots equipped with manual pressure regulating movement on its own, revolve around the UFO cockpit, on the state of the weather and at any time pay attention to the incoming enemy invaders.

the fifth element has black, silver, blue three works, the limited release only 18.

remember MB&amp last year; F HM6 alien wrist watch?


MB& F HM6 Alien Nation, four unique watches, combined with complex machinery, consummate craft and sapphire crystal case by almost uncanny workmanship.


time is 2017, alien visitors come to earth. MB& F the Horological Machine N° 6 Alien Nation (HM6 Alien empire) is a shuttle galaxy spacecraft, by a silver skin captain and five team members are responsible for driving, they are a group of mysterious explorer, ready to the new world.

some people may say, a long time ago & ndash; & ndash; It is exactly in 1947, this group of visitors have visited earth. 70 years ago, a UFO landing in roswell, new Mexico, the resulting alien visitors rumors and official secret word all. Now nuclear era gradually but steadily by the space age instead, sci-fi gradually become modern myths.

as a result, even HM6 Alien Nation team is from another solar system, we also don’t feel strange. Have big heads and black eyes of the little green men legend, occupy the alien world of science fiction stories and we the illusion of space. In addition, dedicated mechanical tabulation, especially MB& F that embodies the modern independent tabulation style, is deeply influenced by the concept of it is sui generis, and attracted by the norms and culture.

HM6 first launched two series Space Pirate and Sapphire Vision, are related to unmanned vehicles. But this year, MB& F think the time is right, he decided to sat on the role of captain seat. MB& F founder Maximilian Bü Sser said, & other; I love watches, because they are in my eyes, like those full of vitality of the machine. Throughout the &; HM6 Alien Nation, is the manifestation of the metaphor. These alien visitors are not sitting on the sidelines of the passengers, they run around in HM6 engine, fixed tail turbines, adjust the transmission, processing, throttle valve, scanning the space in front of the world. Even by static platinum weidiao, they still be permeated with abundant vitality (in addition to one of the big man, he avoided the captain eyes, nest in the corner lazy).


the six aliens, are made by engraver Olivier Kuhn made from platinum, separate sculpture by hand. Alien arm and even better than gravel slender neck, every alien need 34 hours of time to complete the manufacture. Therefore, to create six members, it need to devote more than a month’s time.

for spacecraft can own remarkable complex technical Alien civilization, HM6 Alien Nation full of sapphire crystal, rendered completely transparent appearance, with grade 5 titanium reinforcement accessories. Exactly speaking, just 12 sapphire crystal casing parts, need 510 hours of cutting and polishing. Chipped in this process, the accident is also inevitably occur, often hundreds of hours of work destroyed & hellip; & hellip; And next, is assembly: 12 crystal must be perfect joint at all, to finish perfect overall architecture.

by Alien Nation, clearing the immaculate appearance, can see after 3 years of intensive research and development, the modelling is unique HM6 engine: by 496 carefully polished parts, use is very complex, the structure of the innovation at all. Engine device to the top, is a device with retractable shield flight the tourbillon 60 seconds, and can drive respectively is perpendicular to the movement of the hour and minute dome; Adjust the turbine is connected with chain on pendulum tuo. Alien Nation inside also equipped with thick fluorescent lace, adopt called AGT Ultra efficient fluorescent material.

HM6 Alien Nation will launch four unique style, and to distinguish between different colors: green, blue, purple and green. Every pieces of watches with tasks, want to find a new home on earth. The truth is perhaps in the piece, but MB& F the Horological Machine N° 6 Alien Nation, its voyage will be bringing closure on earth.


Boucheron treasure dragon Beijing opened the first boutique bright poem

on March 1, Boucheron treasure dragon is Beijing’s first boutique opened officially, store of flourishing more square head office 26 classical architectural style in Paris, for the guests go to the shop to build comfortable space. On the day of the opening cocktail party, the brand is also specially show calendar year classic, invited guests try appreciation, by inheriting 160 jewelry family French feelings.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem Beijing’s first boutique opened bright

Boucheron treasure dragon is the first step into China poem

two boutiques grand opening, marked the preliminary implementation brand expanding retail landscape of ambition in Asia, not only that, Boucheron treasure dragon poem more is expected in 2018 set up shop in Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei and Seoul. In 2019 is expected to open a flagship store in China. Boutiques will cover brand classic Quatre series and other kinds of jewelry, display family traditional French technology and bold innovation of jewelry design.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem H&eacute chief executive of the world; Lè Ne Poulit – Duquesne said: & other; Boucheron treasure dragon poem very glad to be formally entering the China market and meet with the consumers. Believe that family 160 traditional French technology and innovative jewelry design, can meet the different needs of Chinese guests. Throughout the &;

as the first jewelry store in flourishing more square, Boucheron treasure poetry since 1858 addicted to writing all kinds of dragon have infinite originality, avant-garde design style and changeable French haute couture jewelry. Boucheron treasure dragon poems have proud of technology and the powerful and unconstrained style of creativity, use of bold design and material innovation, rewrite wear beads, become the classics of senior French jewelry industry.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Plume DE Paon peacock feathers series

platinum pendant earrings

price RMB 748000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

animal series Fuzzy cat ring

price RMB 276000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Lierre DE Paris Paris ivy series

platinum necklace

price RMB 774000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Pompon series mother-of-pearl and diamond necklace

price RMB 1590000

Boucheron treasure dragon poems experience tour, interweave avant-garde style

solstice 16th March 28, 2018, Boucheron treasure dragon poems will be held in Shanghai hang lung plaza unique jewelry experience shows, in the natural environment and the perfect blend of modern scenery, visitors will conduct a jewelry journey through time. Opening day, Boucheron treasure dragon creative director, Claire Choisne poem will also be invited to attend, announced himself family Pompon tassel series and Plume DE Paon peacock feathers series, jewelry family superb technology and special technology, Shared calendar year design concept. At the same time, the exhibition will appear in a variety of innovative digital technology Quatre series & other; The side is I & throughout; The unique style, make visitors into Quatre series of wonderful world.

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Quatre Classique series diamond ring, skinny

price RMB 51000

Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Quatre Radiant rose gold diamond ring series, narrow version

price RMB 56000

about Boucheron treasure dragon poem

Boucheron treasure dragon born in Paris since 1858, has long been the French jeweler of importance. Innovative design make family, become the pronoun of high-quality jewelry; Bold avant-garde style, and is intended to create a classic tomorrow.

Boucheron treasure dragon born poem

in 1893, the Philippines, alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem (Fré Dé Ric Boucheron) in castilla her earl of residential & ndash; & ndash; Cast more square to open a jewelry store, 26 Boucheron treasure dragon became the first poem in mong many square jeweller, also opened up here as a magnificent history of jewelry design resort Paris. With keen intuition, he chose to flourish much square, near the Paris opera (Opé Ra Garnier) and the Tuileries gardens (Tuileries gardens), the famous aristocrats were gathered here. At the same time, the western Sahara Leeds (1850-1918) in 1898 to build the ritz hotel, with German alex? Treasure together with Mr Long poem contributed to today’s popular daum square shape: luxurious, delicate taste, the palace of French elegance and exclusive process performance.

from the beginning of the birth, Boucheron treasure dragon poem walked in the trend of the tip. Founder’s vision and creativity, the spirit down four generations, still faith. German alex? Treasure dragon as a cloth merchant’s son, for a long time was determined to make a copy as childhood contact senior fabric soft gold. One of the perfect example of this is his Delilah necklace, gold ruffles reflect exquisite craft. Followed by family gradually developed a series of exquisite craft, such as Charles Brodinckx wonderful artical excelling nature diamond engraving attainments, those Riffault proficient in crystal through the enamel craft, and inlaid carving, polishing, gold, and tiger stripes wood and the use of raw materials, such as the crystal, laid a jewelry brand new aesthetics, rewrite the top French jewelry standard of excellence. German alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem introduce new breakthroughs in art and aesthetics into the creative process, become the family always uphold the conviction, and through the work until now. 2015 haute couture jewelry series groundbreaking use of marble, sandstone and other new materials, and reflects the innovative spirit of the brand.

forward-looking German alex? Mr Treasure dragon poem soon discovered that, when customers beginning to tire of traditional jewelry, especially the empress eugenie, advocating the Etruscan style. He resolutely to the ancient Greek and Roman art materials, explore new ideas, new ethos in the design, explore direction for the design of modern style. He and his mate, chief designer Paul Legrand to design the Question Mark Question Mark necklace, won the 1889 Paris world exposition gold medal. Necklace without pin buckle to hang on the neck, let him be loved by women seeking freedom from the jeweller.

uphold the spirit of freedom is bold and unrestrained, bold innovation, to this day, Boucheron treasure dragon still tirelessly to create tomorrow’s classic poem.

brand course

1858: founder Fré Dé Ric Boucheron palace garden in Paris (Palais Royal) to open the first between the jewelry store.

1866: Boucheron poetry treasure dragon family first mate.

1867: world expo won innovation prize.

1893: to become the first in more than 26 jeweller’s square.

1900: world exposition won the gold medal, the gorgeous and dazzing design was greatly appreciated.

1928: Indian states Lord entrusted family 149 pieces of jewelry, become prosperous daum has always been the biggest jewelry orders in the square.

1947: Boucheron treasure dragon classic poem Reflet wrist watch was born.

1968: Serpent Bohè Me series was born, for the family important jewelry series.

2000: Boucheron treasure dragon family to open cloud group.

2004: Quatre series.

2012: Boucheron treasure dragon poem to taking part in the Paris antiques biennale.

2017: launch high-end jewelry Hiver Impé Rial series.

2018: coin museum in Paris Vendô Rama temporary exhibitions, Boucheron poetry treasure dragon family’s 160th anniversary celebrations. null

Have you heard of regain that you heard of modified watch?

change modern people crazy car in addition to yearn for the fast and the furious coexistence of motorsport, and did not add your own unique logo for cars? Even independent like flies, Hella Flush various factions way of modification, car modification, as a kind of culture and communication.

 MadeWorn - Engraved - Rolex watch - 32. JPG

change modern people crazy car in addition to yearn for the fast and the furious coexistence of motorsport, and did not add your own unique logo for cars? Even independent like flies, Hella Flush various factions way of modification, car modification, as a kind of culture and communication.

as for the wrist watch, all the big shots table manufacturers are the corresponding introduced a wrist watch custom service, but wore a watch a few years, more than ten years, if you want to change the style is not the custom service, you can do on their own to change form, for the case? Paint even in dial diamond and also have a lot of fans are trying to, but there are a lot of risk. Today, the two modified giant, can let you do not have these worries.

Bamford Watch Department

 2014121971833329 JPG

this wrist Watch modification company was founded in 2004, the founder of George Bamford itself is a wrist Watch collectors, in a private Party with his beloved Rolex Daytona but found the scene six individuals with the same table, the rise of the modified wrist Watch, after he gave two Rolex watches new life, a modified Submariner to his father, while the other modified GMT own collection, when he is wearing a modified Rolex GMT aboard a yacht Party, that received the 25 custom wrist Watch orders, and Bamford Watch Department modified business begins. Nowadays, Beckham, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer and celebrities are often worn in public or in private Bamford wrist watch, but carina lau is his side face portrait into the surface.

 2014121974286513 JPG

as for modification, in order to help you put the watch modified type models, remove the dial color, style of pointer and watchcase carved these basic services, as long as it is, you can request Bamford can help you to create their own unique style.

 0111 ddc11259d1a7fdcb348580b34bde71. JPG

 b00d184d b6 ABC - 90-8 a6f - 4-14 fd4d02fe2b. JPG

but Bamford the most special is the top military PVD coating technology, not only the glossiness is strong, and hard texture, not easy to damage, and to provide permanent coating warranty.

 2014121961451253 JPG

Bamford is recognised by Rolex brand wrist watch modification company, and in addition to the Rolex, like Cartier, pei na sea, Abby these brands also have modified. Even cooperation with major artists, designers launch joint limited design, in the lands of Colette, Lane Crawford, Dover Street Market can see traces of Bamford boutique, let table fans can be directly with these unique limited style.

 2014121972351417 JPG

(BWD x Conde Nast Traveller  Milgauss; Snoopy Datejust – MGTC Light Crey; BWD x Wes Lang – Rolex Submariner)


 MadeWorn - Engraved Rolex watch - 14. JPG

the wrist watch adapted from the us company founded in 2013, the founder of Blaine Halvorson yuppie style rich. This dress modern avant-courier, the arm uncle has a beautiful tattoo, is good at the fine grain carving on the wrist watch case or strap, watch of wrist of pure manual style and elegant, line is fluent and clear, light and shade as works of art is not too. In modified engraving wrist watch, they also sell handmade T-shirt, jeans and other clothing.

 MadeWorn - Engraved - Rolex watch - 41. JPG

founder MadeWorn Blaine Halvorson

brand watchcase main sculpture rolex oyster type, but the 904 l steel as raw material is more hard than general wrist watch with steel, therefore, in this kind of steel on carving patterns, to the requirement of craftsman and tools are extremely high. And carved decorative pattern and different from usual signature carving, carving the need to be on the safe side, if there is a mistake will never make up, so the work is not only time-consuming, but also need the sculptor itself that the attitude of the best.

 MadeWorn - Engraved - Rolex watch - 15. JPG

no matter old and new, you can take the rolex, customize the various style according to his be fond of, probably go through more than a month or so, a condensation carving artist effort, also engraved with your unique stamp watches art can pocket.

 MadeWorn - Engraved - Rolex watch - 18. JPG