Winter does not need to make public wear is a kind of simple but elegant

the winter in the north Italy is thick, nature guifushengong created the winter ice and snow kingdom of fairy tales. Silver world always let the heart calm, no summer impetuous, the whole heart and nature in harmony, insipid, pure, full of romantic emotional appeal. Winter so we don’t need too much and luxuriant adornment, simple but elegant white perhaps more can let oneself become the protagonist of the winter, the article editor will recommend a few for the goddess girls for winter wear watches, the simple, luxury.

treasure pearl bought ladies series 3650 a – 3754-58 b complex function wrist watch

domestic very very: RMB 250000

watch diameter: 36.8 mm

watch thickness: 10.3 mm

movement type: automatic chain

watch case material: 18 k red gold

waterproof depth: 30 m

watch details:

watch review: this treasure pearl function of women’s clothing series of complicated watches with white gives priority to tone, with gold watchcase, exquisite diamond ornament like glittering and translucent get rid of change during the winter. Jade-like stone the pearl white mother of pearl dial, under the mixed two laps of the beauty of CLS ornament shines, the digital time scale of extremely rich artistic romantic dance, tie-in white ostrich leather strap, highlight more colorful elegant wrist watch. Glittering and translucent clever design, wear on the wrist, is a lightsome snowflakes falling.

omega disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch

models: 425.

movement type: automatic

watch case material: 18 k Sedna® Gold and stainless steel

strap material: grind arenaceous metal

watch case diameter: 34 mm

domestic very very: RMB 182300

watch details:

watch review: in 1955, Ladymatic wrist watch, with its colorful design and excellent quality as apotheosis of lady wrist watch. Six years on, this series wrist watch still send out charm, all show elegant temperament. Omega disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch case is 34 mm diameter, USES the stainless steel casing, collocation by 18 k Sedna® Gold and steel, with wavy edge grind arenaceous metal bracelet, more eye-catching. Polishing & alpha; Pointer and 11 hours Sedna&reg scale was adopted; Gold, hour scale is studded with diamonds. Sparkle endless white mother-of-pearl dial, table circle pave set & other; Snowflakes Mosaic & throughout; Colorful diamond, polished crown is set with another star & other; Omega brilliant-cut & throughout; Diamond. Fly in the omega plate series Ladymatic wrist watch dial, calendar window in three locations. Internal carry omega wrist watch 8520 coaxial machine core, provide accurate performance to watch.

watch Big Bang“ One-click & throughout; 465. The OE. 465. RW. 465 Wang Jin wrist watch

reference very very: EUR 32100

watch diameter: 39 mm

movement type: automatic chain

watch case material: Wang Jin

waterproof depth: 100 m

watch details:

watch review: watch table Big Bang“ One-click & throughout; Watch of wrist of 39 mm is very costly. That watch special selection showily Wang Jin match a dazzling diamonds, make millions light condensed wrist. Elegant and sporty natural rubber strap collocation that watch table unique & other; One-click & throughout; (One – Click) rapid replacement strap system for the charm of modern women’s unlimited creative imagination.