Whitening can be roughly divided into three types.
Office whitening done at a dental office and home whitening that you do at home. And there is the most effective dual whitening that combines the two methods.

It is because the whitening component of the gel for exclusive whitening removes the coloring in the tooth enamel. The ingredients generated from the gel dedicated to whitening are activated, enter the enamel of the tooth, decompose the color components and become colorless, so the teeth turn white.

The Beyond System is a whitening (bleaching) technology with a visible light irradiator developed in the United States.

By using the latest optical technology, light rays are at low temperature, so tooth hypersensitivity is reduced as much as possible.

The treatment time is only about 30 minutes. In the United States, more than 1 million patients already have teeth whitening with this technology.

It has an excellent effect on smoking, drinking coffee, tea, tooth discoloration caused by drugs (fluorine and tetracycline), yellowing caused by aging and heredity.

Benefits of office whitening Disadvantage of office whitening
There is immediate effect, you
can get some whiteness at a single visit .

All are done by a dentist / dental hygienist.

The back teeth that light does not reach can not turn white.

The color backtracking is
somewhat faster than the home whitening .

I feel pain on the day of treatment.

Home whitening

It is an easy way to do while a patient is asleep at home under the direction of a dentist.

First, we will make a soft and soft mouthpiece to match your teeth shape.
I inject a “Whitening gel (10 – 20% urea peroxide)” into the mouthpiece and let the teeth whiten by applying medicine to the teeth while sleeping.
It usually runs for about 2 to 4 weeks.
Regarding effects, there are individual differences.
It may not be able to expect a large effect on congenital and endogenous discoloration such as side effects of antibiotics.
However, the effect has been confirmed for the majority of patients.

Benefits of home whitening Disadvantages of home whitening
You can do it for your convenience.

It can be white to the back teeth.

The limit point where it can be white is high.

In office whitening, there is a possibility that teeth which are difficult to whiten can also be made white.

Whiteness lasts longer.

It takes time until the effect appears (white).

We need continued patience.

Some people feel a sense of incompatibility with wearing a tray.