When luxury hotel has its own cruise

with the development of the cruise market, hotel brand began to expand its maritime service and experience.

on November 2, 2017, Shanghai international cruise center for economic research, Shanghai university of engineering science and social science literature publishing house published “cruise green paper: Chinese cruise industry development report (2017). According to the green book, according to data from the international cruise tourism market has the following characteristics: the younger generation (including & other; Millennials & throughout; And & other Throughout the next generation of baby boomers &;) More keen on cruises, the cruise travel travel, on the basis of the evaluation is higher than the land all-inclusive camping holiday, sightseeing, tourism, home. Cruise tourists cruise tourism is regarded as a kind of spirit, release stress the best way to travel. In addition, the report also showed that the region is the fastest growing emerging markets in the world market, and its influence in the global ascension. In 2016, cruise ship carrying 2.2724 million people in Asia, accounting for 9.2% of the global cruise market share, increased by 38.1% than in 2015.

according to the statistics, the ritz-carlton, peninsula, the four seasons, six good hotel group have their own cruise in succession, some cruise ship has set sail, some still in preparation, but the basic exquisite luxury services extend the hotel itself.

ritz-carlton & middot; (The Ritz – Carlton which Collection)

recently, The ritz-carlton hotel group announced The ritz-carlton vigo in Spain held The ritz-carlton shipyard cruise (The Ritz – Carlton which Collection) of keel laying ceremony. The ceremony symbolizes the ritz-carlton hotel will be a high standard of service and experience extends to the sea, to further expand its offshore yacht custom experience. It is understood that the ritz-carlton cruise ships in the fourth quarter of 2019 is expected to open its first flight. Sailing season will be in accordance with the custom, for the first time in the Mediterranean, northern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin American many attractive destination choose the cruise line.

chose the yacht, because most of the cruise company will increase the room number to build luxurious atmosphere. But small luxury yacht hull can anchor in smaller ports, it is understood that the custom specifications of the yacht is 190 metres long, maximum seating capacity of 298 people, equipped with 149 suites, each suite has a private balcony.

in addition, on a yacht and two 138 square meters of the top luxury duplex suites. By wolfsburg ritz-carlton Aqua Michelin three-star restaurant chef Sven Elverfeld build enjoy private dining room, ritz-carlton spa as well as the whole landscape lounge and bar, provide guests with wide variety of leisure on the ship.

peninsula & middot; Silver sea goddess,

last year, yinhai on a 73 – day cruise to the peninsula hotel group of silver sea goddess, luxury Asia Pacific voyage to conduct a comprehensive upgrade. Silver sea goddess, the airline will set sail on February 2, 2019, the two big acclaimed luxury brands will jointly build multiple cruise line is given priority to with Asian cities.

from the iconic Sydney opera house in Sydney, to the green plant with New Zealand milford fjord, which the costly flights from Hong Kong to Sydney, via 12 countries, stops 39 scenery pleasant city, finally arrived in Tokyo.

in addition, the silver sea goddess, in addition to the local professionals and culinary team, also give wonderful pastime. Voyage ends, the guests will be staying at the peninsula hotel in Tokyo three nights, in an elegant hotel inside the grand ballroom of a typical Japanese dinner reception guests.

6 good & middot; Jaeger number and bay Dhahab

jaeger six good heath bay hotel is located in the sultanate of Oman musandam peninsula north, six good private sailing by jaeger bay hotel and professional designer team collaboration, the ship interior main return uncut jade to put in the manual process style, comfortable and natural style of hotel mutual reflect. Dhahab has 3 facilities of the cabin (1 big bed room between 2 double bed room), Max for six guests. Not only ensure the family get together, have certain illicit close sex again.

Dhahab number will be starting from six good jaeger and bay hotel, all the way over all the glorious jose sander strait waters, explore the grand winding Hajar mountains, via a small fishing village at the foot of the mountain of primitive simplicity is unique, along the way will also stop adjustment rest in aquatic products rich secluded bay.

in the carefree flight all the way, the guests can take part in canoeing, fishing, beach, taobao, swimming, also can put down everything, quietly enjoy the splendid sunset. The boat otherwise chef cooking classes, custom swimming diving and accompanying the spa division, etc.

the four seasons & middot; The maldives discovery

discovery of the four seasons is a movable in the maldives islands, four seasons hotel three hostel luxury yacht deck adventure, 22 guests can take years, exclusive services provided by the experienced crew one-on-one. No.

explorer cruise along the beautiful scenery picturesque waters of the maldives, and Yu Landa gilardino between lu island and library of shout, the seamless connection and the maldives, the four seasons resort in two places.

as one of the fastest speed and costly hostel yacht, divers can follow one’s inclinations, relaxed and diving to the beautiful attractions. Schedule including diving, three times a day to explore local treasures, such as: the original rocks, colorful reef, wonderful diving tunnel and wreck, charming, and night diving, diving JiaJi, still can enjoy the devil rays and sharks.

the report predicted that in 2018, the Chinese cruise will gradually mature in the high speed development, followed by, the hotel under the brand extension of cruise ship service or will then tilt to the Chinese market.