What is the blue of the blue, you say? The most fashionable men decent color choices

为什么人类一开始并不喜欢蓝色? Why it is considered the most safe and decent dress fashionable men choose?

The Blue Boy, Thomas Gainsborough, c. 1770. & copy;

why blue so popular?

psychologists might tell you that the blue is for love, is due to the evolution of civilization. In humans and make a living by hunting and gathering, close to the clear blue sky and water is more likely to survive, so this trend evolved into innate preferences & hellip; & hellip; Balabala

are you? Ha ha.

historians will immediately stand up and face at this moment. Because humans are not like blue from the start, 4500 years ago, did not even exist in most of the civilized & other; Blue & throughout; The concept of. The ancient Romans hated blue, think that it is the colour of the barbarians; Early medieval theologians for blue put if off, artists have never use it celebrate life, only it portrayed the image of the devil & hellip; & hellip;

is that how to turn the blue? It all depends on what you said is what kind of the blue.

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the ancient Egyptian Blue

Egyptian Blue

the ancient Egyptian civilization unearthed statue murals and hippo,

hide the British museum and the Louvre

blue is the first in human history of ancient Egypt with wisdom and hands to create the blue. Around 2200 BC, that is, when the pyramid was built, and the egyptians will contain copper mineral sand, limestone, and the solution of mix heating, put the opaque blue glass shattered, and egg white, gum mix, create a lasting blue paint.

the complex production process has been passing on to the Roman era & ndash; & ndash; But, as previously mentioned, the Romans didn’t like blue, so this kind of blue gradually disappear in civilization. It was not until 2006 that scientists giovanni & middot; Willy accidentally discovered it from an ancient Greek marble basin, to make it back to the line of sight. Now, Egypt this blue pigment was used in biomedical analysis and research of laser. After four thousand years, is still high.

the virgin Mary in blue


Renaissance blue deduce

from ancient Rome to the middle ages, blue to return to the line of sight of people, want to thank the first artist to the virgin Mary in blue robes. Before the 12th century, western painting of the virgin Mary is always dressed in grey, black, brown robe, to show her son mourning, until a bold painters use a rare and expensive blue on her.

this derives from the lapis lazuli blue, Ultramarine pigment later became the most popular color throughout Europe. In centuries of history, because only to those found in a mountain range in Afghanistan, lapis lazuli, it compares the price of gold. Painting Girl With a Pearl Earring (The Girl With The Pearl Earring) of The creator, The Dutch painter Johannes & middot; Vermeer (Johannes Vermeer) precisely because without restraint to buy expensive dark blue pigment, lead to the final in debt.

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue

in the eighteenth century, a kind of brand-new Blue was born in Germany Berlin, known as Prussian Blue (Prussian Blue). Its creator was in fact a kind of cochineal red pigment in the study, accidentally let during a blood potassium carbonate raw materials exposed to the animals, a mixture of both accident changed a bright blue & ndash; & ndash; Ferrous ferricyanide & ndash; & ndash; Is today can see in heavier world famous paintings of Prussian blue.