What color are popular 2018? Queen: you have to listen to me!

Pantone color (Pantone) is currently one of the most influential standard supplier, the same it also exists as the vane of fashion colour every year, every year has issued the fashion colour, for the design and the fashion industry practitioners, this is quite worthy of reference.


recently released Pantone colors: 2018 & other; Ultra Violet” , called the official translation & other; Uv color & throughout; .

2018 color: uv color

PANTONE explained that & other; Ultra Violet” Suggests that the mystery of the universe is unknown taste, and found that beyond the status quo.


no. 18-3838 Ultra Violet ultraviolet light color, compared with the pure sense of the purple more slant blue, with the stars in outer space are worldwide.


purple is definitely a sheer drama and difficult to control the color, while restoring ancient ways is considered elegant, noble and elegant, but wear it truly are few and far between. From street overlord Balenciaga T stage to purple storm, let the purple in the two favourite season. DetailPic


purple by warm red and calm blue combination and become, is an excellent stimulus color, so can be relatively simple in style with a long purple coat attention getter. If worry about purple used few opportunities, make it match the ornament.

as elements of fashion street snap, purple frequently recently, you hurry to start ~

in fact, the universe & other; Supermodel & throughout; Day after day, is already in use Ultra Violet dress up yourself.


but burn is still think the top of the fashion is not riri, but Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii. Because in Pantone color on the same day, her majesty queen Elizabeth the aircraft carrier serving ceremony through the whole body of Ultra Violet!!!!!!

Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii

looked at so many 2018 color & other; Uv color & throughout; Next year, what are you going to try to handle it?


2016:Greenery 草木绿


2015: Rose Quartz 蔷薇石英粉和Serenity 宁静蓝

2014: Radiant purple Orchid Orchid

2013: Emerald Emerald green

2012: Tangerine Tango Tango orange

2011: Honeysuckle Honeysuckle

2010: Turquoise, Turquoise

2009: Mimosa Mimosa

2008: Blue Iris Blue irises

2007: Chili red Chili Pepper

2006: Sand Dollar of sandy gold