Watch the largest 163 – carat diamond necklace

a 163.41 -carat D color type IIA flawless diamond, boasts the largest diamond on auction history, in Hong Kong in a few days ago, this was the Geneva jeweler DE GRISOGONO entrust a Christie’s auction house, will go on sale in November 14th in Geneva, Switzerland, estimated price from $20 million to $30 million (about RMB 130 million – 200 million). Tour the world, before an auction in Hong Kong, London, New York, dubai, attract more buyers, is the first stop in Hong Kong, and east Asia only one station.

163 – carat diamond

163 – carat diamond necklace

DE GRISOGO more jewelry artisans cast grinding 11 months, establish rare 163 carats of diamonds into type main drill with emerald chain necklace with interwoven into

at Christie’s auction party pointed out that the 163.41 g of Latin America last year, it is 2 month from Angola, from the original rock of a 404.2 carat diamond, after DE GRISOGO many craftsmen spent 11 months of grinding, build type into the main diamond and emerald necklace chain belt interweave.

Christie’s international luxury department director Francois Curiel, points out that the diamond clarity is quite high, belong to the D color, there is no other diamond can be compared with it, the quality of the diamond, the auction before the largest is the 110 – carat, the diamond is greater than a record 50%.

this 163.41 grams of Latin America last year, it is 2 month from Angola, from a 404.2 carat diamond rough stone grinding and become

the American association of gems on the diamond color and clarity to the highest rating, for the D and no defects. Christie’s said that the diamond because transparency and perfect become “one of the world’s most perfect diamond”, a type IIA diamond to some rare brilliant and limpid, type type IIA diamond is less than 2% of total world diamond.

according to GIA American gem association estimates that global output of more than 100 million carats of diamonds every year, no more than 600 diamonds rating for the absence of any defect, and are only one or two carats. Christie’s said, more than 10 carat diamond, clarity rating fell sharply, more than 100 carats of diamonds, flawless, but also a special rare.