Want to buy a big, beautiful, more cost-effective wrist watch? Is it the

don’t know what the most notice when you buy the table? Some people is the yan, some people pay more attention to the brand, of course, some people will pursue technology and tabulation technology, burn is still think, buy table does not like to buy clothes, just look, a man wearing table, was a symbol of their identity and status, so the above said these are under the comprehensive consideration, to recommend brands today are in these aspects, and can stand the test, it is – beautiful Mido.

Zurich in Switzerland in 1918: the degree of wrist watch factory site

first, brand and wristband technology has gone through one hundred years of precipitation, by 2018, the brand has been the 100th anniversary of the founding, the testimony of a century, time will tell, on November 11, 1918, the first world war the truce, genius master George & bull; Mr Sharon on this day table created Swiss beauty degree, name comes from Spanish & other; Yukio okamoto, Mido” Meaning & other; I measure & throughout; .

George & bull; Mr Sharon

since founding, Swiss beauty degree table has been uphold the beginning since George & bull; Mr Sharon excellence tabulation skills, continuous innovation, pay attention to watch design, material and practical function, in 1934, also invented the crown cork seal system (later named Aquadura), at the time, so the leading completely waterproof technology is rare. Art collection lead tabulation, automatic mechanical movement, and the material of high quality at a suit, in recent years also constantly draw design inspiration from classic architecture, now, no matter from the design to the watchmaker, the degree of both the industry and the public. DetailPic

1920 AD

marks the 100th anniversary of wrist watch

in 2018, the Swiss the table to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand’s birth, and to the brand founder George & bull; Mr Sharon initiative, particularly introduced the commander series & other; Day & throughout; Large calendar full automatic mechanical watches, since 1959, the commander series has more than 50 years of manufacturing history, with time, and constantly.

in 1959, the degree of establishing & quot; Sea star & quot; As the blueprint, & quot; Sea star & quot; Based on the commander of the series also continues in the market marketing the

in 1984, the degree of commander series watches won the Swiss & other; Wrist watch modelling awards & throughout; & have spent

to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the brand, this brand new commander series & other; Day & throughout; Watch the overall natural and unrestrained concise, aka, big calendar window located at 6 o ‘clock position, carrying the exclusive movement: equipped with large calendar window function Caliber 80 long kinetic energy automatic mechanical movement. Besides can easily read date anytime and anywhere, the watch commander also followed a series of classic design: an extremely smooth silk burnish the sun dial, mercerizing polished stainless steel case and ring polishing table.

commander series & other; Day & throughout; Large calendar full automatic mechanical watches

commander series & other; Day & throughout; Large calendar full automatic mechanical watches with the date of the open window at the same time, both the commander series wrist watch classical characteristics. Smooth mercerizing burnish the sun wen dial by hemispherical double-sided sapphire glass table mirror protection, different models equipped with two silver and bituminous coal gray. After a white diamond cutting the hour hand and the minute hand Super – LumiNova® Luminous coating processing, easy to clear when reading at night. Dial in 42 mm diameter circular mercerizing polished stainless steel watch case. DetailPic

between diamond watches

paragraph silver with silver dial with PVD plating rose gold watch case and crown and band exquisite ornament echo each other, form a shade, time YiCai between gold modelling. DetailPic

bituminous coal grey models

bituminous coal grey model using bituminous coal grey dial 316 l stainless steel strap collocation, sporty is dye-in-the-wood. Two kinds of strap is equipped with ultra-thin stainless steel buckle folding table button, provide free wearing feeling. & have spent

of course, the commander series wrist watch is the degree of brand development in 100, one of the classic, the following a few can’t miss it.

1, belem game series

series of belem sai li is beautiful watch series where the most complete and most popular with the consumers of series, its architectural inspiration comes mainly from milan Emmanuel ii arcade, the entire series watches can have the appearance of the smooth lines, this with Emmanuel ii arcade radian of warm elegant modelling, belem sai li series not only embodied the landmark building design concept, and cooperate with the delicate cutting technology, combining design and practical function, the perfect interpretation of the classic architecture unique charm, such as series of belem sai li silicon hair long kinetic energy wrist watch. Fritillaria and belem sai li yee color long kinetic energy pearl real diamonds lady wrist watch inspiration from rennes opera house, by subtle reference to the design of its smooth curve, to pay tribute to the most famous building.

2. The pilot series

beauty degrees pilot series in the opening of the Sydney harbour bridge was born two years later, the helmsman series broke through the function of simple wrist watch idea, Sydney harbour bridge, for inspiration, presents its unique architectural aesthetic feeling. Beauty of pilot series through the special kind of watch is inspired by the world famous architecture & ndash; & ndash; The Sydney harbour bridge, combine the design feeling and the functional carrying Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, kinetic energy stored up to 80 hours.

3, pilot series

Switzerland beauty degrees of pilot series in Europa Angle of the lighthouse, for its design inspiration, adhere to the characteristics of its safe and reliable, for its wearer and underwater sports enthusiasts to provide the most solid hour meter equipped with. Pilot series kinetic energy waterproof wrist watch with Europa horns titanium alloy lighthouse for inspiration. The grain soot particles of wrist watch dial is equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel measure diving time, carrying Caliber automatic mechanical movement, 80 80 hours long kinetic energy storage, waterproof depth of 200 meters.

4. Bruner series

Switzerland beauty degrees of bruner series, its main inspiration from London’s royal Albert hall, round glass dome, through round the curve of the design, reflect the unique texture and meaningful style. Bruner series gentleman – blue long kinetic energy automatic mechanical man wrist watch its inspiration from London’s royal Albert hall, round glass dome, carrying the Caliber80 automatic mechanical movement, 80 hours long kinetic energy storage, waterproof 50 meters deep.

5. The observatory certification series

in the 19th century, to be responsible for the measuring time units of the observatory has precise timing of influence open observatory is meter testing certification authority, Switzerland in 1973 official observatory inspection agencies, certification after movement – 4 to the error of + 6, watch is more accurate. Beauty degree in each department list are covered in the observatory certification wrist watch, such as the commander series automatic mechanical man watches, commander series – multi-function mechanical man wrist watch, belem li series – silicon hairspring kinetic energy man wrist watch, belem li series – silicon long hair spring kinetic energy lady wrist watch, a pilot series – automatic mechanical man wrist watch, bruner series – automatic mechanical man wrist watch, the Great Wall series – automatic mechanical man watches, perfect series – automatic mechanical man wrist watch.

will be a city’s mark on hand yan control

then we’ll talk about the beauty of wrist watch for the appearance of the design, construction has long is the degree of the design inspiration of wrist watch, you will see the beauty of wrist watch all lines and geometric, elegant atmosphere, still can put a city’s mark in his own hands.

MULTIFOER pilot series │ the Sydney harbour bridge & bull; Sydney & bull; Was built in 1932,

Sydney harbour bridge

MULTIFORT pilot series debut in 1934, was born in Sydney harbour bridge, two years after the completion of the two also have extraordinary architecture characteristics, to achieve perfect balance of functional and aesthetic model case. null