To say the moment of the most popular handbags only is TA!

要说当下最火的包包,就不得不提Loewe花样繁多的包。 & have spent Puzzle of Loewe Bag Bag, Hammock Bag Hammock Puzzle and Barcelona handbags, are all kinds of stars and fashion of people love the Bag.

Puzzle Bag, website sells: & yen; 18900

Hammock  Bag, price of website: & yen; 21900

Barcelona Bag, website sells: & yen; 18900

you most familiar with is definitely a classic Puzzle Bag. In 2013, the fashion of the talented young designer Jonathan Anderson in the brand, as a design director brings to the brand fashionable young blood, and in 2015 chun xia series launched completely designed by their Puzzle bag, the bag once launched pioneer with fashionable appearance and fire.

Loewe & quot; Puzzle” Handbags

this handbag USES the design of deconstruction, first the leather cut into more than 40 different shapes of leather block, reassemble the package of irregular geometrical structure of the body, but although this bag looks very solid, but it’s soft, can fold into a flat, easy to carry.

Loewe & quot; Puzzle” Handbags


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