Tiffany blue is not only a kind of color It is also a symbol of quality and style

style carries with it the design works handed down from ancient times, tiffany blue box show delicate style, romantic and fashionable wind, every time appear, can bring surprise and moved. As Audrey & bull; Audrey Hepburn in the film “breakfast at tiffany’s” said: & other; In the tiffany, forever only good things happen. Throughout the &;

the legend of the blue, dream of color.

incarnations of Tiffany blue

now has been registered as a trademark of Tiffany blue (Tiffany Blue®) Also called a robin’s egg blue. For the first time in 1878, tiffany will this color as the exclusive color of the brand. Now the standard Pantone color card for tiffany’s company was born the year of 1837 to this specific color number. Why choose this unique bright colors? Say because at that time the style of French icon princess eugenie queen especially love the color, and to have arisen in Paris tiffany jewelry is preferred; Another story is attributable to the 19th century popular turquoise jewelry industry, then the bride will usually turquoise brooch in return which gives the wedding guests. Tiffany blue is therefore more rich mystique.

incarnations of Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue first appeared in 1845 in Tiffany Blue Book advanced jewelry catalog cover above, immediately become subject in New York City. Soon after, use on tiffany box and shopping bags. Tiffany blue is no longer just a color, it became a symbol of quality and style.

incarnations of Tiffany blue

in 1906, The New York Sun (The New York Sun) had about Tiffany blue box before such a report: & other; No matter how much people are willing to, Charles & middot; Lewis & middot; Mr Tiffany there is one thing only send don’t sell, that is his box. The company strictly regulation, with the cartons of company name can’t be out of the company, Tiffany Blue box (Tiffany Blue Box®) Must be equipped with the company sold products, because it represents the company for its quality assurance. Throughout the &;

in all the stories about love, there is always tiffany blue box. It is not just a diamond ring, it is sure and commitment. Tiffany blue box, heralding the impulse to cana t with white ribbon slip, and these images of happiness touched in countless films, TV sets, and the real story.

tiffany blue box every time, always the heart speeds up, anticipation. Because of this a bit blue style is priceless, forever.

incarnations of Tiffany blue