This year a few interesting timepieces which model do you prefer

idle away one’s left in 2017, in exclamation time fast, also have to not accomplish a little regret, but it doesn’t matter, the New Year to continue to work hard again. New Year on people’s profound symbol of a happy, reunion, so in the New Year, a few recommendations for everybody & other; Throughout the festival atmosphere is very &; The wrist watch, wear a good wishes and expectations, to greet the New Year!

gucci LE MARCHÉ DES MERVEILLES series YA126497

product model: YA126497

domestic very very: RMB 6600

watch diameter: 38 mm

watch case thickness: 8 mm

movement types: quartz

watch case material: stainless steel; PVD plated

waterproof depth: 50 m

watch details:

watch review: this watch design is unique, let a person shine at the moment. Dial design using the embroidery craft iconic animal elements, Gucci classic & other; Green red green & throughout; Stripe background, lifelike steller’s design also apt moral in the Chinese zodiac. Nylon on the surface of the embroidery craft is very delicate, so design is very special, with brown leather strap with a glimmer of style restoring ancient ways. On colour effect and design innovation, the watch is accord with & other Throughout the festival atmosphere &; Features, thriving, reunion, New Year wish you become a & other; The king & throughout; .

chanel PREMIERE series H5313

product model: H5313

domestic very very: RMB 32200

watch diameter: 15.8 x 23.6 mm

watch case thickness: 6.2 mm

movement types: quartz

watch case material: stainless steel

waterproof depth: 30 m

watch details:

watch review: watch the octagonal shape contour with Paris fang square, the perfect classic buildings add to the wrist watch design elements, very solid character. Pure white and flawless mother-of-pearl dial, no excess decoration, contracted and delicate; Stainless steel and triple surrounded by red leather woven type strap, energetic, elegant to wear on the wrist, send out fashionable glamour. Classic red with good moral, the watch with contracted, more can serve as a kind of adornment, shine brilliantly for you in the happy New Year atmosphere.

Louis & middot; Vuitton TAMBOUR series Q1M040

product model: Q1M040

domestic very very: RMB 41000

watch diameter: 21 mm

movement types: quartz

watch case material: Tambour Monogram service Bijou stainless steel casing, with 38 diamond

waterproof depth: 30 m

watch details:

watch review: 21 mm diameter table petite, delicate, suitable for women to wear, on such a small dial with 38 diamond, white mother-of-pearl glyphs dial, decorated with Monogram service three-dimensional relief, plus 11 dial diamond is very elegant and delicate; A slender poppy red strap worn on wrist bright colours, elegant chic, red dot to let a person look more dynamic and energetic.