This valentine’s day, with bright jewel light loving moments

it just enter couples in love, or is it hand in hand through the lover for many years, each pair of love between lovers, have had, and even taking place warm and wonderful moment. The annual valentine’s day, but also all the loving moment blossom a bright spark days & ndash; & ndash; Bright time fleeting, ok have a long-running jewelry will these glorious capture happiness, sweet memory key, they will become the future record forever love moving.

& have spent

shining brilliance, is the love of tying

Swarovski Lifelong series

love winter night, who gave her a shawl? Weekday morning, who help him to tie? In life there are many about love & other; Tying & throughout; , they are warm and beautiful, gently pull the distance between person and person more close. Swarovski’s inspiration for the designer, tied about love knot with the imitated crystal of bright warm.

Swarovski Lifelong series

in this new series, unique knot symbols the immortality of love. Through elaborate, ingenious design, modelling of the knot on the double color wide bracelet and double loop ring with limitless extension of braided line, and with the brilliant imitated crystal, elegant double color woven metal chain. Bracelets, neck necklace, pendant and ring beam with cabinet and delicate modelling, also show a fine details, no matter how kind of jewelry will mix to create administrative levels sense, or wear alone are all show elegant and fashionable.

you and I, very different at the moment into concentric

Boucheron Quatre series

some love to each other regardless of you and me, once, like two drops of water beads, one integrated mass. Also some love each other and their good, need not grind to edges and corners can also hand in hand together. Like dragon Quatre Boucheron treasure poetry series with special style of buddhist monastic discipline, two completely different material, as if he and she, in the love with their own personality and around work, closely integrated. Paris decorative own edges like them as an individual, or black or white, bright eye-catching.

treasure dragon Quatre poetry series

recently Boucheron treasure dragon poetry in mainland China’s first boutique in Shanghai hang lung plaza, as a representative zhou also wearing Quatre series and so on more than classic jewelry appeared on the scene, elegant poetry and moving of the dragon design.

link each other’s love

CHAUMET Jeux DE Liens huan & bull; Flange series

CHAUMET Jeux DE Liens huan & bull; Flange series

as ribbon winding of earrings, earrings, or pendants, they all belong to you with the most gentle posture tells the fate of the knot.

the fate & ndash; & ndash; If there is a kind of intangible links, there is the possibility of some kind of inevitable SEC. From Paris CHAUMET has always been good at with ribbon elements used in jewelry, about good fate and contact between two people. This year’s new Jeux DE Liens huan & bull; Flange series jewelry, is to let fate intersection look beautiful romantic love. Like a ribbon winding of earrings, earrings, or pendants, they all belong to you with the most gentle posture tells the fate of the knot.