This is the next generation web celebrity wrist watch? Northern Europe in addition to the DW and Bering

pan weibo 4 million RM in table maxed circle of friends, don’t wear a mansion on the hands and don’t want to bump table DW, what other small beautiful Nordic table? Danish Bering Bering is the best answer, it is known as & other Nordic design classic representative & throughout; . Just eight years, jing is colourful world, known as the high price in the table an excellent choice, in the table & other; Oscar & throughout; The Basel and horological exhibit also highly regarded. As the world’s fastest growing watch, Bering Bering table on amazon China, with the simple design and high-tech high-quality materials quickly captured the consumers.


Bering series, classic and elegant atmosphere, minimalist design throughout, from the dial, the pointer to the strap, all condenses the essence of the Nordic design. Stainless steel woven strap using high-tech steel belt weaving technology, strap grain tight, exquisite and smooth. Very suitable for white-collar workers daily commuting and various leisure places. Innovation strap sliding change design, without tools, it only takes a few seconds to complete strap to replace, let you flexible wearing out of the van!


Bering Denmark brand classic series of paragraphs Shi Yingnan female couples watch

as the movement of wind, Bering has followed the trend, joint design master Max Ren&eacute clock; Introducing the silicone strap watch. After more than three years of research and development, the silicone strap supple, long wearing also comfortable. Strap in the wake of the 2017 world fashion colour, you can freely change strap, tie-in and different style. Dial the same concise and easy, natural and unrestrained Max René The signature, add vitality to dial.

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Bering brand lovers watch Denmark (multi-color optional)


years worth of Bering high-tech ceramic watches more than using natural mother-of-pearl dial, let every watch has their own color. Ceramic strap, scratch-resistant heat-resistant, smooth skin. Can handle both formal occasions and elegant solemn, also can hold elaborate feminine leisure places.

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ms Bering Denmark brand ceramic series quartz watches

ms Bering Denmark brand ceramic series set auger quartz watch


Berning spent three years of research and development of solar watches, eight years without having to change the battery, 5 times more durable than ordinary solar cells. Once fully charged can provide 6 to 12 months, daily visible light can be converted into electricity. Ultrathin solar watch appearance design, using the classic scratch-resistant sapphire crystal mirror and 316 l stainless steel milan strap. Three-dimensional surface invagination, scale 3 d design, see time is really very convenient.

Bering Denmark brand solar series men’s watch

Bering Denmark brand solar ms series optical kinetic energy watches