This 10 diamond brand do you want to focus on

the world’s leading diamond brand for each of the pursuit of true love lover’s diamond ring, and presents the best craftsmen and the high spirit of art, will be each to become bright diamond ring is the most beautiful symbol of true love.

10 diamond brand ranking: Cartier

Cartier, the richest royal aristocratic diamond ring, as the French famous jewelry brand, founded in 1847. Today, the wrist watch celebrity has become famous in the world of jewelry. Within each a glowing red jewel box, carries a commitment to this life, set with bright beautiful diamond engagement ring.

the Cartier three color gold series and the ring of LOVE series, has an important position in the consumers’ mind. Whether senior jewelry or watches series, Cartier (Cartier) are in line with excellent craftsmanship, professional technology and unique style, passing the exclusive its brand value.


10 diamond brand ranking: Darry Ring

Darry Ring, propose the diamond Ring the first brand, is defined as the most precious diamond Ring. Men’s life can only be customized with id a Darry Ring, in order for a lifetime love woman. Each Darry Ring, is every woman’s dream, of exquisite beauty, beliefs about true love. It is more than just a delicate unsurpassed rare treasures, but also lover in the eyes of most looking forward to happiness attribution. Only one life, originates from Darry Ring in the pursuit of true love.

a rare and precious diamond ring is able to impress the beauty of the heart, but for women, actually the most let them interested, is that the promise of undying devotion.


10 diamond brand ranking: Tiffany

Tiffany diamond ring is a symbol of American design, with love and beauty, romance and dream as the theme and wind praise nearly two centuries. It with full of sense of beauty and soft and fine sensibility, satisfied all the world women’s fantasies and desires. Tiffany blue box of diamond ring more become a kind of color, the true love when a man opened the tiffany diamond blue color box, romance has been quietly brewing. This is the charm of tiffany diamond ring.


10 diamond brand ranking: bulgari

ring luxury, as well as the design idea of ring makes it a world famous brand. Bulgari ring has seen many lover’s true love. More than 120 years, bulgari Bvlgari has created countless wonderful top class gem, and with excellent quality, novel design and high quality service known all over the world.

are loved by many fashionistas, bulgari spring ring with different styles, third, fourth, five rings compared to other styles, bulgari spring ring much more personality, by a great number of fashion people still sought after.


10 diamond brand ranking: De Beers

125 accumulation of professional knowledge, De Beers to a symbol of the sacred and diamonds have a deep understanding of the eternal. Combining the ancient new elegant design and exquisite craft, make diamond jewelry coruscate gives elegant charm of the eternal. DE beers jewellers all over the world to provide high quality diamond ring, and put forward the & other; A diamond is forever. Throughout the &; Namely, & other Diamonds are forever, a forever & throughout; The slogan that popular in the world, from now on laid a diamond’s unique mission testimony of true love, also let DE beers’s image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


10 diamond brand ranking: Van cleef

Van cleef from Paris, France (Van cleef& Arpels), create A containing brand written letter of VC and A diamond. A century of van cleef with wonderful artical excelling nature, seiko technology is very picky gem screening, delicate and elegant, concise and easy style and perfect proportions of modelling design, unique in the international jewelry industry

van cleef bracelet, flower or butterfly brooch, ring and other kinds of jewelry, inlaid with a variety of diamond and gem, especially the haute couture jewelry series, elegant, luxurious manifests the van cleef designer extraordinary creativity.


10 diamond brand ranking: harry Winston

has a harry & bull; Winston’s platinum engagement ring, means interacting with legend. As important jewelry masters, harry & bull; Winston written in more than 100 years many about romantic stories. Founded in 1932, harry & middot; Winston Harry Winston has & other; The king of diamonds & throughout; , & other Star jewelry & throughout; Such as reputation.


10 diamond brand ranking: treasure dragon poem

Boucheron is GUCCI group of jewelry company, in France in 1858, the age of 28, designer Boucheron set up its own brand, and the most fashionable royal palace area opening boutiques in Paris, design a lot of valuable jewelry, watches and perfumes. In the 21st century, Boucheron adhere to the traditional connotation of the brand, become synonymous with bold and luxury of modern jewelry.


10 diamond brand ranking: count

since 1874, the earl of has been adhering to the & other; Always do a lot better than requirements & throughout; Spirit of the brand, will consummate craft and infinite originality into each piece of work, the priority to the development of ideas and the pursuit of the details at the same time.

the earl into fine jewelry in more than 50 years ago, has always been committed to promote creativity, modify details and fusion process, etc., watch and jewelry is a premium brand. Whenever we review the count more than 130 years of history, there is a kind of cohesion in jewellery and time of enthusiasm, that kind of atmosphere, moving.


10 diamond brand ranking: swarovski

swarovski group, was founded in 1895 in Austria, representatives of the world’s top luxury, crystal industry leading brand in the world, the world’s leading crystal manufacturers, with high quality, bright is dazzing, and highly accurate crystal is known. Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel & bull; Swarovski in Austria was established, which is one of the world’s leading crystal manufacturers, a year for fashion, jewelry and crystal lamp industries provide a large number of high-quality cutting the crystals.