They Taught Me How to Sell Anything!

When I got promoted to a sales position, I admit that I was worried about it. I know there are people who are natural salesmen, but I was not one of them. My boss was not worried about that because he saw potential in me. He told me that there is a sales training course that I could attend. When he told me it was just three days and the company would pay for it, I honestly thought that it would be a waste of time. I did not see how I could change into an accomplished salesperson in just three days.

I told my boss my concerns. I was just worried about his leap of faith when it came to me. I was excited about the opportunity, but I felt I needed longer training to be able to be successful. He told me I was worth the risk, and he sent me to the training. I was hooked within the first ten minutes of the trainer explaining what we would do the next three days. By the end of the course, I had gained the confidence that I needed to be successful with my new promotion.

I had learned how to identify not only what the customer needed from the company but also from myself. I was taught that I did not need to think inside the box, which is what helped me the most. Teaching me to think beyond what I felt comfortable with at first was the breakthrough I needed. I did not come out of this as a gold star salesperson right off the bat, but it did not take me long to get the knack of it because of the techniques I was taught. My boss saw something in me that I didn’t even know existed, and I am so thankful he took that risk with me. I am one of the top salesmen in the company because of it!