They are the “star” wrist list each only super practical!

watch of wrist of super practical guide ~

Rolex Rolex, Tiffany, BVLGARI bulgari

Rolex Rolex

watch of wrist of oyster type constant operation log type 41, 1945 the birth of the classics, both functional and aesthetic style, are enduring. Prices store call

Tiffany Tiffany

CT60 double-color wrist watch, white sun wen dial with gold time scale markers, metallic highlighted further. RMB 69000

BVLGARI bulgari

Octo wrist, sculptural lines, integrated into the design of architectural aesthetics, the watch was born just a few years, however, are marching to the classic. RMB 55000


Omega Omega

super series & other; Apollo 17 & throughout; 45 anniversary limited edition watch, this version of the small second hand disc is decorated with the god Apollo and the moon, is the last time in the human to the moon. RMB 48500


Escale Worldtime world wrist watch, so heavy and complicated, so elegant, gorgeous world, by only one crown to adjust, you enough to play for a long time. RMB 365000

Longines Longines, Gucci, Mido beauty degree

Longines Longines

classic series and name the wrist watch, Longines retained the original version of the volume size, casing on the appearance of rotating ring carved blue-black Arabic numerals, romance just turn circle with a rotary table, can be based on the dial and table circle time point of view, to calculate the correct orientation. New product pricing not


Le Marché Des Merveilles, nylon surface using the embroidery craft & ndash; Snake (and the tiger or the design of the bees) and stripe modelling background complement each other. Each wrist watch case adopts coordinated with wrist watch the overall color, or for the warmth of the PVD gold plated, or for the stainless steel color. RMB 6600

Mido beauty degree

commander series certification long kinetic energy observatory watch, you can find its inspiration from the watch & ndash; & ndash; The Eiffel Tower, the power of beauty, more reflects the Eiffel Tower steel stainless steel watch case, the dynamic storage time up to 80 hours. RMB 6600