These exquisite table than watch rob mirror box design!

at the time of purchase a wrist watch, have you ever notice at the same time included in the price of accessories and watch box, can design elegant wrist watch brand, design a watch box also impressive.

Breguet (Breguet) Classique La Musicale 7800 wrist watch

7800 Classique & other; La Musicale” Music watch debut, causing heated debate, and won numerous reputation. This masterpiece is not content to simply measure the time, carry the patent music device, it can also play a charming music. Now, watch of wrist of breguet release new music, in the same special skill HuiBaoBiao fans love. New watch rose gold shell package is still a treasure ji 777 automatic chain machine, equipped with siliceous tackled longitudinal institutions and balance spring. However, when 10 position music start button, the pre-set time, wrist watch will make up B minor & laquo; Banter songs & raquo; & ndash; & ndash; Bach orchestral suite 2, the last chapter.

is more special, breguet wrist watch is equipped with about 7800 delicate watch box of the echo wood as raw material. Resonant spruce is one of the basic materials of string vibration membrane, combined with the spruce are drawn from breguet hometown Joux valley Risoud forest, let the music melody released by wrist watch is more with unusual meaning.

omega hippocampal series 300 meters diving watches & other; The commander & throughout; Limited edition watch

omega hippocampal series 300 meters diving watches & other; The commander & throughout; Limited edition watch with red, white and blue design, to pay tribute to the royal navy, add a solemn feeling to watch. Wrist watch with 41 mm stainless steel watchcase, equipped with blue circle of ceramic table, ceramic bezel diving scale by Liquidmetal® Technology, 15 minutes before the scale with the unique red rubber. Wrist watch dial with white polishing ceramic refined but become, tie-in scale, red blue hour & other; Seamaster” Words and blue pointer to hollow out. Watch the end of the second hand decorated with 007 spear logo, unique. Calendar window, the number seven comes in eye-catching red, the other Numbers are blue. Wrist watch choose blue, red, grey and white stripes & 5 other NATO” NATO military nylon strap, tie-in polishing clasp. Back adopts the design of moire fringe, wrist table set on thallium emblazoned with the royal navy rank of lieutenant colonel badge & other; Throughout the three stripes &; Design, as well as 007 & other The bullet & throughout; Logo.

2507 coaxial internal carry omega wrist watch machine core, fine steel which is limited to 7007. Omega provide after-sales service guarantee for three years. Wrist watch with a special gift box bearing, it is inspired by military decoration box. Inside the box also contains a stainless steel bracelet, bracelet tools and replacement as & other; NATO” Strap design inspiration & other; Navy pin & throughout; .

bulgari Octo Finissimo by Simon Ma

Octo Finissimo Petite Seconde small second hand wrist watch has 55 hours power storage, at 7 o ‘clock position of the small second hand dial highly recognizable. Rose gold with a black alligator strap watchcase and pointer, tie-in black paint dial, concise and bright spot. Watch of wrist of each configuration a designed by Simon Ma dial, he in a particular colour paint on the dial symbolic design, reminiscent of the wild animals & ndash; & ndash; The horse; And combined with the Swiss craftsmen carved by hand dial and ideographic symbol, become a real personalized masterpiece. The tailor limited series for Chinese connoisseurs, including eight gold on using the hand made by the brand chain BVL Calibre 128 model movement Octo Finissimo Petite Seconde small second hand wrist watch; And a unique Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Tourbillon wristwatch.

different wrist watch box design, the limited range of each wrist watch are attached a beautifully designed by Simon Ma list box. Reflects the Chinese artistic inspiration in the perfect combination of wrist watch and watch box.