There is a wrist watch is willing to “hide” your time

in the European court, noble lady to attend the dinner, the biggest taboo is: see the time in public. This at a dinner party is seen as a means of extremely rude. Later, more and more watch inception new design, as a lady’s first choice is to choose a & other; Can be hidden throughout time &; Wrist watch, wear to go to court. Don’t read time in public, is the first code of conduct. Under the rules, more and more high-end brands begin to production design, development to today, only let noble lady regrets of the last century: a than a fine elegant, even can be said to be the orphan works there.

looks like your jewelry, actually is also a chronometer.

since the 1930 s was presented many hidden type wrist watch, every piece of work, there is a surprising originality treasure. Wrist cleverly hid the dial, reveal a magnificent and elegant like jewelry works. A small, to reveal the time still need or sliding delicate bows, or turn on the set auger treasures, light or at small mirror, hidden type wrist in a variety of strange way of those on the transfer of time.

Heure Marine watches

The design of the

this wrist watch a bright, two 27.34 -carat as heady as though Sri Lanka sapphire blue ocean. Fancy tower type cutting sugar and edges rounded design to gem more rounded lines, deep color and pure transparency to watch more charming. Two rows of arch sapphire blossom a gradient blues, perfectly reflect the round line of wrist watch, while the central inlaid mother-of-pearl dial become the nods eyeball pen of this wrist watch as a meter. To slight wrist bracelet,

watch case like a mysterious embedded hidden treasures in the bracelet, wonderful rare. Light according to the convex circular cut on one side of the emerald button to open the set auger table cover, then fine dial on time that’s gone.

Cerf – Volant long necklace table

long necklace table modelling delicate and charming, not only show the timing is also having a unique style.

the onyx beads on the necklace swaying, precious and delicate case then gently shaking. Necklace mix of spinel and onyx black lip gloss, diamond and pearl dazzing dazzle colour and bright brilliant red ruby, these colour coincided with the decorated with onyx, mother-of-pearl, and use the hidden type Mosaic technology of ruby kite watchcase perfect echo patterns. Watchcase bright is dazzing, light according to its upper convex circular cutting ruby button, table cover downward slide, reveal the dial on the reflection in the mirror. At the present time implicit elegant, can realize the full benefit from the internal inversion of quartz movement wrist watch, can let a person through the mirror to see the truth of time full of think of opportunely.

Ruban Secret watch

two new flexible extraordinary, gracefully around on the wrist, perfect show the ribbon smooth lines. Wrist top compose with a gleaming bowknot, open will show the dial, can be turned on or at any time with the wearer’s mood will time secret hidden beneath it.

K white gold wrist watch from dial to the bracelet shop set round diamond, another rose gold wrist watch strewn at random have send decorated with pink sapphires and diamonds, present a wonderful gradients. Hand catenary wear after can still maintain a break line, hinged with one, all show high jewelry family & other; The hand of gold & throughout; Craftsmanship, combined with its superior comfort and magnificent appearance, is a family creates and bright of a smooth flow of gourmet.

Cadenas series

this is a only the wearer can hour meter reading time. Time into privacy Settings, also become very secret.

Cadenas watches came out in 1935. Rumoured that handed down the works behind the Muse, like Zip necklace, as a family of devotees – the duchess of Windsor. Its pioneering design perfectly line is concise and clear type locks watchcase chain and clasp with rounded lines, reminiscent of a symbol of romantic love & ndash; The padlock.

double snake hinge design is unique, incarnation exquisite bracelet wrist ornament, slightly tilted dial more low-key and elegant reading time. In the 1930 s and 40 s, colorful gems to join and watch on the shining color plating. This year, the family honor this precious meaningful traditional aesthetics, including two reveals a new legend series.

a dazzling white K gold style compose with snowflake, diamonds for atlas, dazzle colour dial and buckles. And princess square cut emerald depth of colour and lustre is smooth lines make the finishing point for wrist watch.

the top of the rose gold wrist watch case and buckles are inlaid princess square cut rubies, spurt gorgeous colour and lustre of ruby mother-of-pearl dial with warm contrast, 12 hour on the dial scale for reading provides a great convenience.