There is a kind of jewelry, called life be beautiful like summer flowers

to June, the hot sun shine again, and let all the colour also become more powerful. This summer, the jewelry also seems to have to muster all his strength to blossom & ndash; & ndash; They are the brand history the most bright beautiful part of genes with flowers in full bloom attitude displayed: diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and opal, coral, Tanzania stone, garnet, or chrysoprase gem, with rich color change magically become bright flowers, more let a person feel vigorous vitality.

maybe this summer, you can also draw inspiration from these gorgeous flower jewelry, found belongs to own flowers, for their bloom life adds a beautiful colours.

like tropical orchid wanxian and beautiful

orchids in China’s artistic conception is a quiet and elegant flower, so-called & other; Jewel hidden & throughout; , but also represents the pure and noble bearing. Orchid variety is rich, though, is quietly elegant orchid, but tropical orchid is quite and beautiful flowers. On June 10, phoenix center held in Beijing & other; This is Tiffany” Tiffany shining diamond, brand culture exhibition, from modern love, legendary style, outstanding art and blue box five dimensions, presents the tiffany style 180.

& other; This is Tiffany” Tiffany brand culture exhibition held in phoenix international media center.

the exhibits classic in the history of jewellery is included in the work, and with fine enamel craft and diamonds to create a tropical orchid brooch attracted people’s attention. These works in 1889, tiffany chief designer spaulding & middot; Design method of ham, this a series of orchid enamel brooch then won the gold MEDALS in the world expo in Paris, France.

with fine enamel craft and diamonds to build and become tropical orchid brooch attracted attention.

these are able to show various orchids brooch flower fabric texture, because jewelry artisans using micro painting enamel craft fine then, after the high temperature burn becomes, because fire of refinement, that makes the resulting color after one hundred years still delicate and charming be about to drip. Diamonds in the blossom of the section, as if the dew condensation on it, this just let people find that, originally this is a jewel of exquisite building.

tiffany Blue Book this year senior jewelry series, was born a hearing to jasmine flower bracelet for inspiration.

this natural imitation style as time transfer gradually into the genes to tiffany, after it is created many amazing works of fine jewelry. Such as tiffany Blue Book this year senior jewelry series, the theme is the & other; The jungle shakotan coast & throughout; , launched a series of works with the inspiration of the jungle birds and flowers jewelry. One hand ring is inspired by a technique called jasmine (aka discoloration jasmine) of flowers, the flowers will continue to change the color in three days. Purple petals by open when the gradient of light purple, eventually turned into white. Tiffany with full of administrative levels feeling red tourmaline, pink sapphire and diamond layers together, reproduce the soft change in the nature.

like Daisy is full of hope for the future

as Italy’s national flower, Daisy is famous for its vibrant, clustered together, and touch the man’s innocence, people love. Daisy and petite figure, and the linear petals, in the beautiful simple & ndash; & ndash; Jewelry brand in Italy guido Damiani Margaret (Margherita) jewelry series, loving tribute to this trait.

guido Damiani Margaret (Margherita) jewelry series to the Italian national flower Daisy for inspiration.

Margaret series design goal, guido Damiani family inheritance are found grandparents founder Enrico Grassi Mr Guido Damiani at age 15 he completed the manuscript about Daisy flowers for inspiration jewelry design, when he had finished a jewelry design, want to Italy at that time the queen Margaret.

Margaret (Margherita) jewelry series of high-end jewelry fingers ring, to the vitality of diamond and platinum recreates the daisies.

the latest series, Margaret completely as a Daisy. From the necklace to the rings, pendants and earrings and bracelet, rose gold? Gold and platinum as a base, was mainly come in handy, and jewelry on the morphology of the reduction, with a look of the Daisy as to light up the material, is the diamond? Amethyst and quartz stones, etc. Girls wear these jewelry, whatever personal style, no matter where she is, can get fresh air and joy, because Daisy itself is a kind of cheerful? Can adapt to different circumstances of flowers.

as red lilies of board for love

in red crown of lily for inspiration, jewelry brand from France is beautiful (Chaumet) show.

red lily is rare, it says as the colour of its strong, representative & other; Love you forever & throughout; . Although moral good, but little red lilies jewelry craftsmen to build. Rare is that in the past more than a month, beauty jewelry brand from France is Paris (Chaumet) held in hangzhou, Shanghai and other places a number of French treasure exhibit, including the transformation of a red lilies as inspiration to drill corona.

this is called & other; Deep red passion & throughout; Transform the body of the drill corona for platinum and rose gold, inlaid with six pear-shaped Tanzania red spinel, to present the bright colors of the red lilies; An olive shape cutting red garnet lies at the bottom, as a buds waiting to bloom; In addition petals and leaves are other lam pointed cut red garnet garnet, pear-shaped green tourmalines, special cutting and circular garnet red spinel and bright cut diamonds. This drill corona is called & other; Transformation & throughout; Can be removed, because flower, make a crown into a necklace and two brooch.

still the Paris (Chaumet) held in hangzhou, Shanghai and other places a number of French treasure exhibit.

this drill corona is called & other; Transformation & throughout; Can be removed, because flower, make a crown into a necklace and two brooch.