The world’s most expensive stainless steel watch Your male god love TA

this is a known as the world’s most expensive stainless steel watch, available in 40 years has always been very popular, whether elf prince Orlando & middot; Bloom (Orlando Bloom), tough guy Jason & middot; Statham (Jason Statham) and popular male established Han, Hans zhang, William, they are wearing this watch, has the charm of how the watch?

star wearing a patek philippe Nautilus series wrist watch

patek philippe Nautilus series officially launched in 1976, it is first introduced patek philippe movement wrist watch, patek philippe is a bold attempt. Nautilus design from master weighing (Gé Rald Genta), at first glance, is completely different from the 1950 s and 1950 s production by the table, the design is unique, even for 40 years, seem to be individual character is dye-in-the-wood.

this series is Jules & bull; Jules verne famous science fiction in the submarine two miles “explore underwater submarine Nautilus is named after a mysterious world, the first Nautilus wrist watch has 120 meters of waterproof performance, at the time is the first-class standard, but after this patek philippe didn’t put it into a professional diving watches series. The original model Nautilus Ref. 3700 after the beginning of the watches has been a regular table of patek philippe, production until 1990. The Nautilus is also continuous development in the following series, almost every year to launch a new case material, the size of the watch case or dial design, today’s Nautilus series has a wealth of table selection, material, size and function, meet the demand of different people.

(1976 Ref. 3700

patek philippe Nautilus series of basic can perfect slogan summarized the characteristics of the wrist watch, such as & other; May be the world’s most expensive stainless steel watch & throughout; And & other; Whether suit or dress, Nautilus can tie-in fitting for & throughout; . Suitable luxury watches, this movement is a landmark piece of work, is also a target list of love people must watch.

2016 patek philippe Nautilus Nautilus is the 40th anniversary of the advent of patek philippe special launched two new limited edition Nautilus wrist watch.

limited edition Nautilus wrist watch