The winter play games hitting scene on wrist

打败阴冷冬季最好的方法,就让自己的心情生活在热带岛屿— & ndash; With gorgeous color sheet is tasted deck own mood is to do something useful in this winter. Even if the wind chills, dark coat you still beautiful mood. This winter, each brand is also for this winter launched many colorful & other; Contrast color model & throughout; Wrist form product & ndash; & ndash; Just easily wear a watch, let whole modelling becomes energetic.

to do their own color designer

SWATCH YOU customize X series

design a oneself to like watches, only need five steps easily.

color since it is a kind of expression, that is, of course, the better the more unique! Always young market of Swatch is capable of that, in this winter, has brought the new freedom to customize the Swatch YOU X series. In this series, everyone can easily become a wrist watch the designer’s ideas, only need a simple five steps, you can custom watches can design a unique personality.

every parts have dozens of options, wrist really can ever do.

the size of the first is to choose big or small, to adapt to the boy or the girl by the wrist, and of course the girl with big header is the current trend, in short everything as you like. The second step is to pick a favorite header design, time scale and the pointer on the dial and the case of collision there is always a let you move. Followed by fluctuation two parts of the strap, no longer constrained by complete strap design, have built a what everything is follow one’s inclinations. Finally, you can also choose a clasp ring, use it to echo the dial, or the color of the pointer again good however.

recently Swatch is ready for the Christmas holiday style, the classic red with green and silver dial, bright face in another, a snowman clasp ring, full-bodied Christmas atmosphere vividly wrist.

choose good color, wrist war

watch tissot jie series NBA special paragraph

brand according to the team the mass-tone attune of the hit show on Nato strap color collocation, make colour more meaningful.

at the moment the NBA regular season is in full swing, if you want to blend in this let a person mad carnival atmosphere, tissot jie series NBA special help you easily into the trend of the frontier. Tissot jie series NBA special watch appearance fashion, style is concise and easy, and energetic. The most special is, the brand according to the team the mass-tone attune of the hit show on Nato strap color collocation, the team’s sign is printed in the bottom of the case, not only meet the fans of the team, more of a hot fashion item.

each color represents a NBA team.

to feed time a color hard candy

GUCCI watch of wrist of acrylic material contrast color

design genius Alessandro Michele become GUCCI design director, brought tremendous change for GUCCI, stir-fry brand GUCCI logo tee restoring ancient ways before more hot, in the street snap exposure rate high, red x green stripe suddenly turned into a brand’s signature.

watch case not only with the rainbow color acrylic material, even studded strap on the adornment of the bump color diamond, & other; I advocated throughout & color has its own; Moving wrist fashion attitude.

this year launched a series of Gucci watch with red x green stripe for inspiration, more ways to incorporate all kinds of fantastic elements, let a person shine at the moment. Including the strength glue, leather belt, all kinds of material, more add embroidery pattern such as tigers, snakes, bees, part of the design on the back of the watch body more engraved with bees, can say, interesting color not only, more full of details.