The supermodel revenue first substitution at last Ken bean the empress is photographed on the beach

today 2017 Forbes’ annual ranking the most profitable models, and then ranking immediately shocked the models!


ji empress, Gisele Bundchen from 2002 to now, 15 years unbeaten record reality by web celebrity model Kendall Jenner beat!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner with strong social media influence and estee lauder/La Perla/Adidas and so on several big contracts, worth $22 million annual income ranked first.

Kendall Jenner

here would like to congratulate Jin Xiaomei Kendall, but still hope that devoted to learn from the empress is much ~

in 2017 for a year, Gisele is quieter, exit since 2015 T, empress is quiet a lot, this year only with Carolina Herrera perfume endorsements, Brazil local brands Arezzo, shoes and Vivara jewelry endorsement, revenue fell 43% last year, even so, she was a high ranking second place!


just yesterday Vivara jewelry has just released its latest Christmas advertisement, senior Gisele continue to deduce!

Gisele Bundchen

when it comes to up, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, how many people remember Rio’s empress the flowing of the runway.


Gisele Bundchen with more than 20 years of runway, endorsements, cover, social influence, rounding the & other; Supermodel & throughout; The meaning of.


supermodel liu held the same position last year, China is still on the list is the only Asian model. Congratulations on WenZi!


liu annual income of $6.5 million, mainly from the LaPerla and Puma’s contract.

this year’s most controversial Hadid sisters, sister Gigi ranked fifth, sister Bella sneak into the top 10 to 9. Is $950 and $6 million respectively

Hadid sisters

sister Gigi income comes mainly from maybelline and various series of cooperation, Bella is from Nike/Nars/Dior, etc.

in addition to the third John Legend wife Chrissy Teigen models as well as the first ten big yards Ashley Graham. Annual income of $13.5 million and $5.5 million respectively.


the rest of the list was as Karlie Kloss, Adriama Lima and Rosie Huntington – Whiteley d dense angels contracting ~

Adriama Lima

an income of $10.5 million, the longest in the history of Victoria’s secret show angel contracts.

Rosie Huntington – Whiteley

an income of $9.5 million, its own brand underwear and British department store M& S long-term contracts.

Karlie Kloss

highly educated kk super small, an income of $9 million a year. Mainly from Adidas, swarovski’s contract.

overall, liu wen is the only listed non-whites models this year, but only a reaction model of these statistical recognition degree, about income and the status quo of the industry, there are more worthy of recognition and effort models, hope they are on the list as soon as possible!