The six trademark design, allows you to instantly recognize classic wrist watch

watch of wrist of some classic to without logo can also recognize, remember them as long as the iconic design.

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universal big crown

the original design purpose is to facilitate the pilot in the case of not the gloves can adjust their wrist, development up to now, this & other; Crown & throughout; Has become the IWC nations pilot series is the most representative & other; DNA” One of the appearance.

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Cartier & other; Sapphire crown & throughout;

if you go to the website search, will find that most of the Cartier watches crown will be set with a round of sapphire, which is the symbol of the brand & other; Blue blood noble & throughout; Tonal.

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product home Reverso turning the dial

the nobles of early love to play polo, but vigorous exercise easily through the dial, then the product family design Reverso wrist watch, the surface of the above and below the slippery course, make table can easily back flip, so as to protect the surface.

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pei na sea semi-circular crown protection device

semicircular protector with mobile protect rod, when protection rod in the closed position, press the crown and form good sealing space, prevent water entered in the table.

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OMEGA hold claw design

OMEGA was introduced in 1982 & other; Hold claw & throughout; Design, on the round table circle has two symmetrical four PAWS, he was used to sign series wrist watch, now has become one of the symbol sign series.

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“movado red dot

when 12 position with a dot, this is no digital dial design fully reflects the essence 20 s of the Bauhaus school of design, more permanent by New York’s museum of modern art collection.