The rubies shocked the whole world

来自缅甸的日出红宝石(Sunrise Ruby)重达25.59克拉,有着浓艳纯正的红色,并且在苏富比日内瓦拍卖会上拍出了3042万美元的高价。 The most amazing is that it is a sunrise smoky ruby auction record a winner.

Sunrise Ruby: to be the king of the Ruby community

pigeon blood from Burma smoky & other; Sunrise ruby & throughout; Have strong pure big red

ruby belongs to rare and rare pigeon blood smoky, sunrise from myanmar (Burma), and by the Cartier inlaid on the JieTai. The name of the rubies is from Turkey sufi poet Rumi (Rumi) of the same poem, beautiful poem with an unparalleled smoky is a match made in heaven, give a person leave deep impression. What is that whether pigeons red gems? In general, everyone who reached levels of brilliant red jewelry, its colour and lustre and dove blood will be a word. In addition to the classification standard of color, pigeons red judgment from a premise, that is the natural ruby without overheating treatment can say pigeons on red blood, if a smoky have been heat treated, it will not be rated as pigeon red blood. In addition, the pigeons red origin actually not only from Burma also from mozambique, in recent years mozambique produce of pigeon blood smoky in the market also has a tendency to catch up with myanmar dove blood smoky.

Sunrise Ruby: to be the king of the Ruby community

as a dove blood smoky in ruby, it cut craft and perfect present a sunrise smoky glow.

sunrise ruby has a special size, its colour and lustre is gorgeous and pure, with good symmetry cutting shape, therefore can produce multiple internal reflection, the color of the stone so become more segong is delicious. Add ruby geological formation process is very complicated, so generally seen ruby, usually small in this background, more let the sunrise smoky show the rare exception. It full of luster release attractive glamour, bright ruby historically also have power and wealth, the symbol of your it gorgeous noble temperament let many dignitaries conquered for it. The sunrise smoky is not only a rare unique dove blood smoky, the value of behind it will last forever.