“The red sea action” is not only a soldier with smoke and military table all men are mortal

recently for a period of time by the red sea action brush screen, watercress rating as high as 8.5 was released a week at the box office to break the 1.4 billion harvest acclaim, word of mouth is still the lead!

the film with the Chinese navy yemen evacuation event, tells the story of dragon Chinese navy commandos were ordered to evacuate mission and struggle of terrorists. “The red sea action” let’s see the quality of China’s military, team cooperation spirit, the real strength & middot; & middot; & middot; Hollywood didn’t so excited.

both in visual and plot on the bone, the light look at the picture can feel the environment conditions of hard, is filming the scenes workers to experience how difficult a process, a true story of the soldiers & middot; & middot; & middot; It is even harder to imagine. DetailPic

in order to pursue the authenticity of the story, the whole cast and filmed in Africa, many large scenes were filmed in the empty empty desert. Conditions are very bad, the surface temperature as high as more than 40 degrees, and a lot of action is to finish the was lying on the ground, clothes are wet through several times, sand, a scene photographed, the eyes and lungs are all sand.

the assembled Zhang Yi Huang Jingyu, zhang, study on modern hotel groups such as man really good movie. In the play of the various tough guy as defend of real men wear what table? DetailPic

” red sea action “in the army of the topology table, this undoubtedly are linked to the military flavor of the product itself, such as military hale fortitude, super long life function is refreshed the smart watch record, hundreds of meters waterproof and sailors in the red sea action is appropriate, dual-mode satellite positioning more can quickly locate in the vast sea, real-time control latest coordinate information, us military standard MIL – STD – 810 – g certification is filled the army billiton iron as a tactical intelligence watches, army billiton iron necessary equipment included in the” red sea action “dragon team.

incarnations of military watches

is said to be in 1798, before napoleon to Egypt bought three pocket watch, eager to watch later in the war, napoleon in the sword of the cover of a pocket watch, in order to direct observation time. A pocket watch in the military operation performance, sparked a revolution. The soldiers themselves on the pocket watch, pocket watch enchase grooves in the belt with a goblet, then tie strap on your wrist. In this way, the prototype of the modern significance of wrist watch, same as military use military watches also become a staple of the war.

the first world war, the military requirement for table is limited to the plastic table jacketed metal protective film on the mirror. And during the second world war, new military watches appeared on the battlefield, the United States, Britain and other military powers for their pilots, navy captain, submarine commander custom made with advanced technology such as watches, such as strengthen the function of luminous. Later, more and more professional military watches, Marine wrist watch, wrist watch appeared diving watches, the air force.


movie” Dunkirk “is no exception. With Tom & middot; Hardy’s pilot was brilliant, he sandwiched between fight, the enemy shot down by enemy planes flying in and out of the frame to the wharf and drop bombs on board. The whole process of Tom & middot; Hardy have been masked, on a pair of eyes acting alone, and the pilot to his wrist watch is rob mirror.

in the second world war, omega only one brand for the mod’s air force, navy and army soldiers provides more than 110000 pieces of watches. Britain, the United States, France and Greece sided have for soldiers during the war with omega wrist watch.

CK2129 omega wrist watch & ndash; & ndash; Tom & middot; Hardy in the movie the Dunkirk, wear the wrist watch. & uarr;

pilot table history

& have spent

longines is pioneer in pilot wrist watch. After the 1920 s, the United States postal service hired a group of young pilots, 25, Charles & middot; Even pull (Charles Lindbergh) is one of them. Longines accompany him flying across the Atlantic in 1927, the whole process lasted 33 hours and 30 minutes.

to commemorate the 90th anniversary of flying across the Atlantic for the drawing, longines in the launch of the longines watch even pull time point of the 90th anniversary of the limited wrist watch. DetailPic

almost the same period, the true force when also launched an oversized special timer Type 20 aircraft, but it is out of scope of the wrist watch, are embedded in the plane of the dashboard. Since 1939, most French plane loaded with this timer extensively.

when the real power of the pilot series Type and name 20 bronze wrist watch. & uarr;

in the mid – 1930 – s, mature of the aviation industry. So the first claim to be a professional pilot wrist was born in this era, which have to talk about is the IWC classic launched in 1936, says Mark IX (commonly known as & other Mark 9 & throughout;) .

since then become the representative of the IWC mark series, subsequent classics such as mark 10, 11 are collections of popular mark.