The real fan bingbing! Even for the fan bingbing love beans make the call!


has been waiting for domestic female star in Iris Van Herpen red carpet, fan bingbing, easy control, was very dare to try a new style. ?????

then all this Jean – Paul  Top haute couture dress is fabulous!

as netizens exclaimed fan bingbing have many fairy, then suddenly fan bingbing, the younger brother of airborne weibo hot search list! WHAT? !

fan bingbing’s brother Fan Chengcheng recently came back from South Korea, will debut in China, recently has been photographed at the airport in the appearance level comparable to South Korea love bean!

Fan Chengcheng

although Fan Chengcheng mask cover the face, but the heroic spirit of brow, fan bingbing is very similar with his sister.

Fan Chengcheng and fan bingbing

next, he is likely to be involved in” idol trainee “lay as guidance. And also there is insider revealed that Fan Chengcheng signing is entertainment companies on the mainland.

Fan Chengcheng

just say! Ever been above Fan Chengcheng give electricity to the eyes!

actually, fan bingbing also show before have intention to not intentional of filed his younger brother, a smaller too high, level of appearance also good

there are also many online brother childhood photos ~

this mask according to this group of airport, seemed to have the feeling of the south Korean idol. Sister Fan Chengcheng have today fan bingbing, Fan Chengcheng almost quite so out to play on the top of the entertainment industry, the next, depending on his own performance. Bullish on him!

Fan Chengcheng