The habit of wearing a table You should pay attention to!

no matter it is your first piece of horological collect or 5 pieces, clocks and watches of Switzerland is a different other accessories, so it deserves to be treated better, the time they’re just part of the job. The rest of the function of a watch is to showcase the unique technology, a well-designed and extension of a person’s personality and style.

this article may not be, & other; A guide to experts from stock & throughout; (financial) that make you a surprise, but tell you how to care about your precious watch will also make you benefit a lot. Look at the following bad habits, you have several? See if you in watch & other; The criminal list & throughout; On.

wear on your wrist to adjust time

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watch more specialist, you will notice that they only will take off the wrist watch, the surface to ourselves, to adjust the time. The reasoning behind this is because when it wear on your wrist, forcibly twisted crown, will cause potential damage. Lateral force can bend a fragile it or get stuck.

so, next time you want to adjust time, no matter what your hand holding, is occupied by a what, carefully pick it from your hand. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

tight crown

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don’t twist your crown, like the Coca-Cola bottle cap, give it on a bit of lubricating oil, to prevent damage to the valve stem. The general rule is, as long as the crown is no longer loose enough to turn, please don’t twist.

not clean

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if you also plans to make its life can grow some you must clean the dirt on the clock, grease, stains and foreign body. This is a man can get into the habit of the most simple one, it only takes a few minutes a week. Regular wipe can guarantee the watch and strap even wore long looked intact.

there are two methods to use to clean the watch & ndash; & ndash; Dry and wet method. For non waterproof table, please avoid with moisture, using a soft dry cloth. Waterproof hand water resistance is very good, so use wet cloth clean case and strap. Metal casing or strap watch can use soft cloth or delicate toothbrush clean with soap.

ignore strap

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you gives so much attention to the watch itself, but often forget to leave some care to strap. Especially the leather strap to exposure to the sun for a long time, contact with water, moisture, cosmetics, or oil, leather particles may be spoiled. For example, in one of the most common cases, skin color, and left an ugly mark on the strap. Want to keep the strap is beautiful and prevent aging? In fact the solution is very simple, as long as the cloth to wipe dry.

with the table shower swimming

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friend, & other; Resistance to water & throughout; , this is with & other; Waterproof & throughout; Not the same. Water resistance is good or bad depends on how well the watch, but in the case of use for a long time, even if again high-grade waterproof watches, seals will be damaged. When it form the water condensate, you will know the regret.

as far as possible to avoid this bad habit, also suggested that once every 12 to 18 months to check watches seal, if deterioration can be found at an early age.

wearing watch swimming behavior should be reduced. Divers watch is no problem, but also make sure that the crown is tightening, into the water again.

if the watch comes into contact with the salt from the beach or a swimming pool or chlorinated water, rinse immediately with water, because it can damage the coating and seals on the watch. Be sure to use a soft brush to remove fine sand or salt particles.

the needle between 9 and 3 o ‘clock, don’t adjust the date

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between the hour hand at nine o ‘clock to 3 o ‘clock, avoid adjustment date, this is a relatively cold knowledge. Avoid this kind of bad habits can make you won’t damage to internal gear and small gear.

don’t follow the rule of mechanical wind

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automatic watch need to wear every day to ensure the timing of its peak performance. Wind power supply for automatic watch the correct number of turns are between 20 and 40 shall be maintained. In addition, if every day wear watches, should first quarter twice a week. If use frequency is less, then every two weeks.

the watch is exposed to extreme temperature, magnetic field under impact or

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even if the problem is so obvious that sometimes the damage, so these problems are always worth mentioning. Avoid exposing your watch under extreme temperature because it may affect its performance and accuracy. Anything above 60 ℃ or below 0 ℃ are not suitable for automatic mechanical watches, or table, because it can lead to watch parts after thermal expansion displacement or due to become weak, brittle, so as to cause permanent damage to watch.

magnetic field may interfere with watch the accuracy of the timing, in the case of serious influence even can make the stop watch. So don’t put your mechanical watch left in acoustics, refrigerator, computer or other items around with a magnet.

unexpected shocks can damage your watch sensitive components, so when you don’t wear a watch, please put it in a safe place, when you wear a watch at the same time, avoid fast waved his hand and arm.

chemical exposure

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exquisite luxury watch usually has a protective layer processing, but harsh chemicals will still produce damage to it. Ensure that your watch won’t often come into contact with the perfume, cosmetics, detergents these alcohol based raw materials of products, or other products containing acid. Or in the worst case, you may dial in to see watch repair bills, border texture, genuine leather strap, high maintenance costs, will cry.