The earrings and history record

at Geneva sotheby’s auction “magnificent jewelry and noble jewelry”, of which the most high-profile of diamond earrings. The earrings is a 14.54 -carat Blue diamond “Apollo” (The Apollo Blue) and 16 carat’s Pink diamond “o” (The Artemis Pink). The former 42.08 million fetched $7000, and the latter successful dropping the hammer at $15.33 million, although they are sold separately, but still is the most expensive earrings auction history record.

$57.4 million, and made history record

in Greek and Roman mythology, the tears of diamond has been regarded as gods. And Apollo was the ancient Greek and Roman mythology, one of the most important gods of Olympus, with ideal of the perfect posture, but music, the truth, and the god of prophecy, healing, light and poetry. Greek culture era, known as Apollo, the sun god helios, Titan’s o sister, were seen as the Titan month sailor’s god. In addition, the o’s, the Roman god of the Diana, is an ancient Greek goddess of the most revered of the gods, in charge of hunting, blessing the beast, the desert, birth, chaste, and protect teenagers. She is the goddess of the moon, is often depicted as a huntress armed with bows and arrows, accompanied by a female deer and dogs for their sacred animals.

o blue diamonds and Apollo’s pink colour and lustre is gentle, are amazing unceasingly

“Apollo blue diamonds” by the American college of gem (GIA) named colourful color level, weighing 14.54 Carla, flawless bright color for the inside of a pat on field most of blue diamond. The beauty of this commemorative by carefully polished and cut into pear-shaped, fully display its more color, more a GIA identification for Type IIb Type, today no less than 0.5% of the diamond belong to this category.

blossom red colour and lustre of thick dust’s pink diamond “o” elegant mellow, exclusivity is unique, unparalleled. This drill weighing up to 16 kara, and “blue diamond” Apollo also cut into magnificent pear-shaped, show their perfect color and clarity. GIA’s pink diamond “o” more identification for Type Type Type IIa, outside a glittering and translucent connect fully