The 14.93 -carat pink diamond is likely to break the Hong Kong record

粉红钻获奉为世上最珍罕贵重的宝石之一,以独一无二的迷人色调,教一众珠宝藏家心往神驰。 Because of this, the pink diamond field runway, often become frequently clap a sky-high.

recently advertise autumn auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong, more than 290 pieces of rare treasures will debut film, and presented at Christie’s in Hong Kong has THE highest valuation items ─ ─ THE PINK PROMISE PROMISE (PINK) 14.93 carat bright red dust VVS1 (TYPE, TYPE IIA) diamond ring, appraisal 220 million – 320 million Hong Kong dollars.

model shows lots more, at the same time, including two high valuation of the pink diamond ring.

every pink diamond is the unique charm of color, because of the natural crystal structure of diamond can affect the effect of absorb light, forming a unique hue and saturation. Even diamond experts has yet to crack the mystery behind the charming pink and tonal, find out the special structure of the color change, but every time appear pink diamond market, its bright light can always become the focus of attention. In the Christie’s autumn sales in Hong Kong, for example, there is another 8.80 carat red thick dust VVS1 (Type, Type IIa) diamond ring for the high price 68 million – 75 million.

THE PINK PROMISE PROMISE (PINK) 14.93 carat bright red dust VVS1 (TYPE, TYPE IIA) diamond ring, appraisal 220 million – 320 million Hong Kong dollars.

this year sotheby’s held in Geneva in May & other; Magnificent jewelry and noble jewelry & throughout; Auction set three world auction record. & other; Apollo and o’s & throughout; Diamond total $57425478 (about 400 million yuan), set a new world auction record, earrings and was named & other; The Memory of Autumn Leaves” And & other; The Dream of Autumn Leaves” .

& other; Apollo and o’s & throughout; Diamond, making a total of 57425478 dollars (about 400 million yuan), set a new world auction record for earrings.

which is named & other; The Memory of Autumn Leaves” Earrings set with a 14.54 -carat colourful colour blue diamonds, the price is us $42087302 (about 320 million yuan), and was named the & other The Dream of Autumn Leaves” 16.00 carat colored powder of red, for the price of $15338176 (100 million yuan).

it is understood that in recent years, gork, several popular new colored diamonds in the salesroom, is the fastest on value-added gems. In a line up with this pair of earrings for auction, a count (Piaget) 7.04 carat thick color purple pink diamond ring also take a high price, for $13245750 (about 91 million yuan), per carat price to $1881499 (12.96 million yuan). This ring has set a strong color purple pink diamond world auction record, at the same time also refreshed the thick color purple pink diamond carat price auction record in the world.

2016 in Geneva, sotheby’s 15.38 carat bright colored powder red & ndash; & ndash; & other; Unique & throughout; Pink diamond clinchs a deal with 30.826 million Swiss francs.

the annual production of tens of millions of diamonds, only 0.001% of the diamond qualify for colored diamonds, and that only a handful of colored diamonds can reach top level of strong color and brilliant colour. Expert points out, color plays a key role in the value of diamonds, colored diamonds precious one of the reasons is derived from its rarity, red diamonds almost negligible, green also is extremely rare, blue, purple is the color of the rare, comparison, yellow, brown wait for color more, but overall, the diamond is still rare gem, has certain value of collection.

why auction house is the only place one can find the top colored diamonds? The American academy of gem (GIA) Russell & bull; Shaw said in an interview with the media, this seemingly simple conclusion due to the long history of the auction, the auction trend of the world’s good control, good at discovering rare gems of consciousness, as well as the long-term accumulated contacts with international famous auction.

so buy what kind of diamonds to value? It is customary for more than 1 carat and diamond has more value value, according to the diamond market data in 2016, however, 30 to 50 diamond prices rose 15%, 1 carat rose 12%, more than 2 carat continues to rise. While colour diamond Research Foundation (Fancy Color Research Foundation), according to data from among all the colored diamonds, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid blue diamond level and fastest-growing pink diamond prices. High quality, large carat gem is undoubtedly continue bullish, while low quality gem by the larger impact, if you want to collect, please do it again.