TA can predict the weather and the alien visitors chance “the fifth element” star clock weather station

MB& F and L’ Epé E 1839 cooperation “the Fifth Element” (at Fifth Element) for a star clock weather station, even in the electric power decline, also can accurately predict the weather, the four elements (UFO) : clock, thermometer, hygrometer and barometer gathered in an aircraft carrier (alien pilots Ross held them), create a all parts together more huge entity & ndash; The fifth element.

at first glance, the simulation weather station may be a little rusty; However, when the storm hits and electricity dropped, the fifth element can still work perfectly. And, in the worst cases, can leap in spacecraft with Ross, away from the earth.

MB& F founder Maximilian Bü Sser always have a special liking to a desktop weather stations in the last century, has been struggling to not find a suitable model of restoring ancient ways, so he decided to build on its own.

“the fifth element” consist of four detachable and interchangeable type parts:

clock element

due to the weather forecast is based on the speed of the change of time to do judgment, therefore, the correct time is one of the elements of meteorological observation. L ‘Epé E 1839 for the reconstruction and the fifth element to hollow out the conceptual design 8 clock movement, in order to enhance its transparency and visual effect.

barometer element

barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure, and the weather forecast is the main tool: generally speaking, the increase of the pressure, indicates the sunny weather, air pressure decrease is bad weather. Change the faster, the upcoming for more extreme weather phenomenon.

hygrometer element

moisture meter can measure the ratio of water vapour in the atmosphere; A display value of percentage of maximum humidity may contain both temperatures.

thermometer element

the thermometer is not only simple measuring temperature, but the average kinetic energy of measuring material: the higher the temperature, the greater the energy. In terms of nature, the thermometer can be used as energy storage pointer from the surrounding atmosphere.

the fifth element in a pleasant fantasia to cope with the serious face of weather forecast, in L ‘Epé E1839 fencing, series precision using the curve and the circle construction, and then stack the large framework, perfect achievements of this style of space weather stations. Carrier by more than 500 separate parts and interchangeable type elements; The wrist watch is even more delicate degree of many large complex function!

MB&F more integrating function of a secret until it all works: this technique was absolutely understanding laugh. On the fifth element, the role of Ross: the alien pilots equipped with manual pressure regulating movement on its own, revolve around the UFO cockpit, on the state of the weather and at any time pay attention to the incoming enemy invaders.

the fifth element has black, silver, blue three works, the limited release only 18.

remember MB&amp last year; F HM6 alien wrist watch?


MB& F HM6 Alien Nation, four unique watches, combined with complex machinery, consummate craft and sapphire crystal case by almost uncanny workmanship.


time is 2017, alien visitors come to earth. MB& F the Horological Machine N° 6 Alien Nation (HM6 Alien empire) is a shuttle galaxy spacecraft, by a silver skin captain and five team members are responsible for driving, they are a group of mysterious explorer, ready to the new world.

some people may say, a long time ago & ndash; & ndash; It is exactly in 1947, this group of visitors have visited earth. 70 years ago, a UFO landing in roswell, new Mexico, the resulting alien visitors rumors and official secret word all. Now nuclear era gradually but steadily by the space age instead, sci-fi gradually become modern myths.

as a result, even HM6 Alien Nation team is from another solar system, we also don’t feel strange. Have big heads and black eyes of the little green men legend, occupy the alien world of science fiction stories and we the illusion of space. In addition, dedicated mechanical tabulation, especially MB& F that embodies the modern independent tabulation style, is deeply influenced by the concept of it is sui generis, and attracted by the norms and culture.

HM6 first launched two series Space Pirate and Sapphire Vision, are related to unmanned vehicles. But this year, MB& F think the time is right, he decided to sat on the role of captain seat. MB& F founder Maximilian Bü Sser said, & other; I love watches, because they are in my eyes, like those full of vitality of the machine. Throughout the &; HM6 Alien Nation, is the manifestation of the metaphor. These alien visitors are not sitting on the sidelines of the passengers, they run around in HM6 engine, fixed tail turbines, adjust the transmission, processing, throttle valve, scanning the space in front of the world. Even by static platinum weidiao, they still be permeated with abundant vitality (in addition to one of the big man, he avoided the captain eyes, nest in the corner lazy).


the six aliens, are made by engraver Olivier Kuhn made from platinum, separate sculpture by hand. Alien arm and even better than gravel slender neck, every alien need 34 hours of time to complete the manufacture. Therefore, to create six members, it need to devote more than a month’s time.

for spacecraft can own remarkable complex technical Alien civilization, HM6 Alien Nation full of sapphire crystal, rendered completely transparent appearance, with grade 5 titanium reinforcement accessories. Exactly speaking, just 12 sapphire crystal casing parts, need 510 hours of cutting and polishing. Chipped in this process, the accident is also inevitably occur, often hundreds of hours of work destroyed & hellip; & hellip; And next, is assembly: 12 crystal must be perfect joint at all, to finish perfect overall architecture.

by Alien Nation, clearing the immaculate appearance, can see after 3 years of intensive research and development, the modelling is unique HM6 engine: by 496 carefully polished parts, use is very complex, the structure of the innovation at all. Engine device to the top, is a device with retractable shield flight the tourbillon 60 seconds, and can drive respectively is perpendicular to the movement of the hour and minute dome; Adjust the turbine is connected with chain on pendulum tuo. Alien Nation inside also equipped with thick fluorescent lace, adopt called AGT Ultra efficient fluorescent material.

HM6 Alien Nation will launch four unique style, and to distinguish between different colors: green, blue, purple and green. Every pieces of watches with tasks, want to find a new home on earth. The truth is perhaps in the piece, but MB& F the Horological Machine N° 6 Alien Nation, its voyage will be bringing closure on earth.