Six big diamond cutting complete parsing your character

& have spent diamond cutting work class is multifarious, the most common are circular, elliptical, pear-shaped, emerald, princess square and heart-shaped & hellip; & hellip; They not only influence will affect the fire color and color of the diamond from selection of diamond cut can analyze your personality! This is to show you your hand on the diamond ring did exactly as the best spokesperson for your personality? !

Tiffany Soleste round diamond

round diamond type & ndash; & ndash; Warm man that occupy the home & amp; A good wife

the most classic one of the most common and most can show the circle of the diamond color fire drill, represents a moderate and conservative personality. Select round diamond, generally like regular life, gentle personality and approachable. Homesick they home in my heart is always in the first place, the lover will also have a strong sense of responsibility and sense of trust, at the same time also is relatively easy to satisfy, basic is the warmth that occupy the home.

Tiffany Soleste oval diamond

elliptic diamond & ndash; & ndash; Dream practitioner

on the market is also very common elliptic diamonds, is also a lot of pigeon eggs the shape of a diamond ring. Their luster gorgeous, with a dazzling light. It actually choosing elliptic diamond people have what kind of personality? First of all, the oval represents a creative and independent personality, the light of their overwhelming. Once the target, the target will be to sprint, strong character is the best backing to dream.

Tiffany Soleste pear-shaped diamond ring

pear-shaped diamond & ndash; & ndash; Cheerful and lively social talent

pear-shaped diamond because appearance similar to water droplets so also known as the water droplets type diamond, glittering and translucent get rid of it looks somewhat is nifty and lovely, naive refined taste. People choose pear-shaped diamond personality generally more lively, have the courage to try new things, it is easy to adapt to the environment. They are generous and cheerful, to maintain a high passion of all things, it is also because easygoing personality, let their drawbacks in communication.

Tiffany Soleste emerald cut diamond ring

emerald cut & ndash; & ndash; Rational and precise leader

inside collect the emerald cut that restore ancient ways is the so-called rectangular cutting, the earliest is designed for emerald therefore is called the emerald cut. The cutting method on the basis of more time table below shape cutters added four corner cut, from the side will find it a ladder shape. In addition, emerald cut also have stringent requirements for diamond studs. So emerald cut has the representation of the pursuit of perfection, and choose the emerald cut people being methodical approach to work, hobby to rational analysis, to do things like before after a thorough plan, deep traits of leaders.

Tiffany Grace™ Platinum diamond ring ring

princess square cutting & ndash; & ndash; Elegant gentleman lady

princess square cut just as its name implies is the founder of the square cut method, and the square of incision was also a source of colour and lustre of fire, so the princess cut square is unique, is from the square incision. The princess square cut diamonds geometric modelling has such charm and connotation. The modelling of amplifier also represents a National People’s Congress party grace and rigid-flexible economic personality, between people, the one is the temperament.

Tiffany Soleste heart-shaped diamond ring

heart shape cutting & ndash; & ndash; Romantic

heart shape cutting just as its name implies is to drill cutting for heart shape, this kind of extreme romance have emotional appeal of cutting method must have no people can resist the temptation. Choose the heart shape cutting people romantic and extremely rich appeal, they have exquisite and rich emotion, at the same time with many sky of imagination. This kind of person perceptual more than rational, give a person the sweet image, also can be a more colorful life.