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Our center is offering the latest implant technology called all on 4 which is an implant treatment method that can chew on that day when surgery is given to patients who can hardly chew by edentulous jaw and periodontal disease in Tokushima I am going for the first time.

In order to support this technology, we have undergone overseas training at the Clinica Maro Center in Portugal and have been interacting with the developer, Dr. Malo.

We are introducing CT scan so that we can deal with patients with problems with dentures and patients with problems with periodontal disease. By using this CT scan, more safe surgical interventions became possible.

Through ISO (International Society of Osseointegration), we have a role of nurturing dentists who can start the world.

For patients with problems with teeth, we will do the latest and best techniques at this Tokushima, Shikoku area. (Taichiro Shono)

Periodontal disease · For dentures, those who do not chew well even if there are teeth, For those who have
lost their teeth due to accidents

Please realize the happiness that you can chew and eat your favorite things.

Do you have difficulty with dentures?

All-on-4 implant system is
” dentures is commonplace in poor condition ”
” dentures do not chew with the play in front of people .”
” The other things can not eat with a crunchy whole life ”
, ” not because it is old way ”
” tooth of playback is impossible .”
” because you are hooked the wire to the remaining teeth, no bite painful, things clogged ”
and …, is a method of treatment like to know what the people who are giving up.

Traditionally, 8 to 10 implants were implanted in the absence of any tooth, but for all on 4, it is possible to support 10 to 12 teeth with 4 implants.
Because the number of buried is reduced, treatment time / period can be shortened , bleeding, swelling, pain, long treatment time, number of visits to hospitals · · · can eliminate a lot of anxiety.
In addition, the buried number is small, and the burden of treatment cost is reduced .

Why All on 4 can support one jaw with “four implants”?

If you support something, it is better to support it with a surface rather than supporting it with a line. If you support it on the surface, it will stabilize by supporting it on a wider surface. Focusing on this principle, thinking to support the denture on the surface is the origin of the idea.
It depends on measuring various conditions such as the amount of the jawbone to determine which point you place 4 points on. It is decided by using advanced medical equipments such as dental CT scan and making a precise design drawing tailored to each person. Depending on the condition, 6 to 8 pieces may be necessary, but the basic is 4 pieces.
If there are at least 4 pieces, you can shape the surface and support dentures. In order to make a wider face, we also incorporate the theory of implanting the implant at an angle of inclination. A square surface is formed by connecting a total of 4 points of the implant head implanted at 2 points of the front teeth and 2 points of the molar teeth. The wider the surface, the more stable the force will support the denture. It is making the maximum area by putting inclination and putting the head in the back.
If you try to implant the implant for each defective tooth, 14 implants will be needed for one jaw.However, even in the case of edentulous chin (total dentures) or near edentulous jaws, all on 4 can be applied, so it can be reduced by 10 ways. It is a calculation that can save burying of 20 implants if it is a top and bottom jaw. Naturally the degree of surgery is also lighter so the burden will be lighter both physically and economically.


Treatment of pain that does not feel pain

There is no pain during treatment

Implant At the time of surgery, we will treat you with anesthesia beforehand, so you will not feel pain. After treatment, there may be some pain, but it is something that can be suppressed with medicine.

Clean environment reduces pain

Implant treatment in a dedicated operating room is treated in a neat and clean sterile environment and implants entering the body are also clean, so it is thought that there is little response to those pain, but individual differences among patients Yes, the reaction of the body differs depending on the original bone condition and the treatment we performed. Please adhere to the instructions of your dentist for medication etc, management after treatment.

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