Record the miracle built, omega

the Olympic arena always born many’s blood boiling point.

1968 summer Olympic Games in Mexico City, Haynes 95 seconds to the creation of the men’s 100 meters world record; The 2008 Beijing Olympics, bolt with 69 seconds to set a world record; 2012 London Olympics, bolt with 63 seconds was the gold in the men’s 100 meters final once again break the world record.

this time, the bolt will be improvement in 0.06 seconds.

0.06 seconds in the tiny gap of time may be shorter than the finger to pull the trigger to trigger the sound, could short the time of the ear in the shot to athletes, and may even shorter than the athletes with pop-up the blocks of time, are high-tech track record precise timing equipment.

in the track and field court, in order to ensure the athletes between the film to capture as fair as possible, the difference between the starting and ending time accurately is very important.

the starting point of milliseconds will contend for

electronic gun

the beginning of the pistol had decided the game. At first there is a problem in the design of the starting gun, because sound travels faster than light slow, nearest pistol athletes to hear gunshots, sooner than the other contestants to have the advantage of a few microseconds. This is a big problem for milliseconds will compete for the game.

in order to solve this problem, omega has developed a new electronic gun. Streamlined device consists of a red flash gun, and a voice box, and connected with each player behind the speaker. As a result, all participants can hear the starting gun at the same time, accurate to ensure the fairness of the game.

the advantage of this new equipment was appeared in the airport and the stadium hall. Due to security checks have become increasingly strict, carrying the traditional pistol is very difficult to pass through security, and the new very futuristic design will not exist such risks.

False Start sensor

in order to judge whether the athletes jump Start, to ensure fair competition, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, omega sport introduced first violations False Start monitoring devices (False Start Detection Device). The equipment is unusually sensitive, while allowing the shortest physiological reaction time of 100 milliseconds, omega can accurately detect the slightest false start.

now, omega have greatly enhanced the performance of the blocks. Will apply to the 2016 Olympics in Rio’s new violations false start monitoring system, embedded sensors can be measured at 4000 times per second the competitors to the pressures of the blocks. The monitoring system can immediately send load data to the computer, and map & other; Applying curve & throughout; So that the starter in the event of a false start to athletes intuitively analysis under the condition of reaction.

the finish accuracy of the winning

the end is the most critical part, about the final result, the referee need strong judgment.


omega in the 1948 London summer Olympic Games take the lead in introducing optical digital Timing technology (Photoelectric Timing). The technology with the speed of light current quickly replaced the relatively limited judgement to the naked eye. Equipment light back and forth near the finish line, at the moment of contestants crossing the finish line, timing then stop immediately. At the time, its accuracy has reached nearly 1/1000 of a second, completely replace the finish line.

the accuracy of the optical digital timing technology after using the infrared beam has been further ascension, and this equipment in all kinds of extreme weather and temperature can be normal operation. Nowadays, omega has introduced special performance of a new generation of electronic eye. The number increased from the original two to four pairs, placed at the end of the track and field track online. Four pairs of eyes to work at the same time, the more can be detected when the athletes through the beam body form, and can no longer do not need to adjust the height of the electronic eye in the hurdle race. The critical moment will greatly improve the precision of data.

end camera

close athletes compete often finished the race by a tiny margin, simply by the referee wrong judgement may appear to the naked eye. In 1948, known as & other; Magic eye & throughout; (Magic Eye) the first end of the Camera (Photofinish Camera) was introduced into the Olympics, to assist the timekeepers precise judgment contestant crossed the line.

today, omega has its end camera performance improvement to an unprecedented new level. New equipment at the rate of 10000 per second for capture vertical line on the image. Its sensitivity is improved than before, making photos of out quality improve a lot.

high resolution scoreboard

but the attention to the movement time, omega is also committed to improving spectators’ experience.

2016 Rio Olympics is about to be put into use of high-resolution scoreboard and used in the past compared to the scoreboard, amber and black is a big progress. It not only can display text and instant messaging, can also play the animation, athletes, images and visual image. To break the world record, produce the exciting moment, such as world champion new scorecard can show unprecedented grand effect.

since 1932, omega has a formal timing in the 26 th Olympic Games glory. As the world record by continual Olympic athletes refresh, omega precise timing technology is also in constant innovation, advance with The Times.

2016 Rio, omega to 27th shoulder the glorious mission. DetailPic

with unprecedented abundant manpower and new technology, is committed to provide all professional athletes with perfect timing service, let them in the Olympic Games, the important stage of life free fair competition.

omega watch of wrist of super series Mark II & quot; Rio 2016 & quot; Limited edition

omega watch of wrist of super series Mark II & quot; Rio 2016 & quot; Limited edition is inspired by the 1969 omega super series of Mark II wrist, global set limit to issues 2016. After grinding and polishing precision grinding of steel watchcase in casks of with a polished crown and timing button. Flat convex wear resistant sapphire table under the mirror, matte black dial with three small dial: 3 when the position of 30 minute small dial, 6 position 12 hours of time small dial and 9 when the position of the second hand small dial. Three small dial decorated with copper ring respectively, 18 k the golden ring, and 925 silver ring & ndash; & ndash; A symbol of the Olympic Games in the competition awarded to the winner of the gold and silver and bronze MEDALS.

transparent speed measuring scale printed on the sapphire table inside the mirror, the bottom of the aluminum ring covered with luminescent coating, luminous in the dark environment through the transparent display scale, especially eye-catching & ndash; & ndash; This is first in the super series wrist watch.

watch screw-plug table back relief have the 2016 Olympics in Rio badge, and engraved with & throughout; Si14 & throughout; (silicon material) and & other; The Column Wheel” The wording (wheel timing) and a limited number.