Plant a tree to buy a watch

with the deterioration of human living environment, many companies have begun to join environmental protection force, even the fashion accessory is no exception. Wewood is home-grown brands in 2009 was born in Florence, Italy is a completely by the environmental protection material made of pure wood watch.


besides Wewood have and some of the environmental protection agency cooperation, such as & other; Trees For Future” Throughout, &; Treedom” And & other American Forests cleans & throughout; For each kind of wooden watches are bought a tree, and launched & other; One Wewood One Tree” Slogan, commitment as long as every watch planting a tree, to restore the ecological environment of nature.

since 2011, WEWOOD has planted more than 500000 trees, with a partner and a challenging targets for 2017 and beyond. Hope to plant 1000000 trees by 2020, for the world’s environmental protection cause contribute an own strength.

although wewood watches is solid wood, but the overall design is fashionable, choice is more diverse styles, both young student community and a little bit higher order business people can find suits own a.

not only diverse styles, compared with common metal or plastic watches, the wooden wewood watches are lighter in weight, usually around 40 g. In addition to the production process and material, the performance of the other and general hand