Gum peeling is a treatment method to restore dark gums to pink with good blood color.
If melanin pigment deposits on the gingiva than smoking etc., you can revive healthy pink gum with a technique called gum peeling.

There are two types of gum peeling: laser peeling by laser treatment and chemical peeling by chemical peeling method.

Many of the laser beams are applied to reacting to black color to selectively remove spot / melanin pigment under the skin, activate the skin turnover, and stain spots.

When you do whitening (laser peeling) of gums with laser, healthy pink gums come back.

Apply medicine to the gums and peel the gum surface.
The pain is somewhat tingling.
Immediately after treatment, gums will turn white with medicine, but after 2 or 3 days the membrane peels off and turns into pink gums like birth in about one or two weeks.
Depending on the person, about once it is necessary several treatments.