PANDORA released 2017 minimalist new autumn jewelry

the evening of August 30, 2017, Denmark famous jewelry brand PANDORA PANDORA jewelry fall 2017 launch in Beijing, the participation and the media from all walks of life, to appreciate the craftsmanship of the autumn new product and ofa details, hand in hand to open & other; DO SEE THE WONDERFUL” Wonderful journey.

graph: PANDORA fall 2017 launch activities on

more than well-known artist OuYangNaNa, well-known actor Wang Yanlin and supermodel and opinion leaders invited to attend the conference, in addition, the activity is to have the honor to invite to PANDORA’s Asia Pacific President Kenneth Madsen, China managing director Tang Dong and media friends enjoy PANDORA new autumn brought by the new jewelry feast.

diagram: a famous artist OuYangNaNa and PANDORA, managing director of the China Tang Dong, and PANDORA’s Asia Pacific President Kenneth Madsen photo

diagram: a famous actor Wang Yanlin and PANDORA China marketing director Vivien Ma and director of China commodity Luna Wang photo

the annual brand promotion & other; DO” Continuation of this fall, PANDORA to & other; DO SEE THE WONDERFUL” Encourage modern women stopped in the busy life and celebrate every wonderful moment. The conference mainly divides into three big subject area. Full of design feeling of the giant devices to artistic expression, highlights the PANDORA autumn new exquisite design details and suffering; Each area layout distinctive adornment element, to show the realization jewelry the inspiration for this season. The guests at the same time, appreciate the new jewelry to the scene of the camera to record and share wonderful moments, and celebrate joy moment of PANDORA jewelry.

graph: PANDORA opened & other; DO SEE THE WONDERFUL” Wonderful journey

three themed areas, with a fresh autumn jewelry design elements for inspiration. & other; The heart of PANDORA & throughout; Area shows the same series of jewelry, 925 silver, 14 k gold, PANDORA ROSE three different color of metal building, a mixture of hot metal boom season. Done by hand jewelry, adorn the iconic love hollow out side. & other; The heart of PANDORA & throughout; Area will love as a design element, rose, the love of silver and gold decoration echo with three kinds of colour in new jewelry. Dancing leaves, trees, rivers, and other abstract natural elements outline of thick autumn atmosphere.

graph: & other; The heart of PANDORA & throughout; Design the scene area

graph: PANDORA fall 2017 & other; The heart of PANDORA & throughout; Series

the second area with shining in the autumn collection & other The geometric ray series & throughout; For inspiration, unique octagon and pear-shaped cut flower arch to flash Shi Guangcai yi yi, embedded in the 925 silver and PANDORA jewelry on ROSE, all show the minimalist style of geometric elements and luxury. From simple stud earrings, elegant string act the role ofing to wrapped around the fingers of the ring, elegant and fashionable design for women’s daily add bright light. Diamond, square and teardrop-shaped elements is also used in & other; The geometric ray & throughout; Metal diamond decoration in the territory, cascading create moments of shooting area reflects the conference, the display area with simple geometry origami bold and highlighted the jewelry design elements.

graph: PANDORA fall 2017 & other; The geometric ray & throughout; Series

the first sold in China & other; PANDORA flow pendant box & throughout; Be a highlight of the conference. In antique pendant box for inspiration, appearance of restoring ancient ways flow pendant box to open up and down, innovative design lets you can free collocation with beloved small ornament, will be a special moment in life and unique cherished memories. Circular points in the region in a giant as inspiration, also invited guests with PANDORA record huacai night, witness magic moments.

graph: & other; PANDORA flow pendant box & throughout; Design scene area

graph: well-known artists OuYangNaNa in & other; PANDORA flow pendant box & throughout; Area presented a series of

graph: PANDORA fall 2017 & other; PANDORA flow pendant box & throughout; Series

in the meeting of shooting point, & other; Light graffiti & throughout; Interactive photo area left deep impression to the guests. Slow motion capture smooth lines, color colorful, is a symbol of a long time in a short while colour moment. PANDORA through survey recently, every day, we all have to go through about 20000 moments, fleeting between these moments in just a few seconds, and it is the moment in the life photos, can bring inspiration to the world as much as 80% of women. & other; Light graffiti & throughout; Shoot for the site visitor frames, sharing, and enjoy the brief and beautiful moments.

as the conference officially open, women dancers also began their performances, dance beautiful through body language, shows the four stages: in the women’s life seems the newbies, enjoy private time with girlfriends and sweet whispers between lovers, and the joy of motherhood. The four different stages are memorable moments in life, a little progress, brewing the miracle of shine, dance scene shows the PANDORA jewelry for a long time to help women to capture and record the happy moment, also with exquisite jewelry reminds women their owners unlimited potential.

graph: the dancers performing scene dance drama

well-known artists, cellist OuYangNaNa to attend this conference. Conference, OuYangNaNa match with a forthright and sincere, modelling the latest series of jewelry, PANDORA autumn the PANDORA flow of bright pendant reflects her beaming smile. Elegant new opening PANDORA style bracelet is tie-in innovation enamel string act the role ofing, downy burnish against the nana’s exclusive elegant nifty. null