Encounter luxuriant and pure love KLASSE14 2018 new wrist watch

& other; In Florence, encounter a dream lover.

in Florence, Italy, the classic old bridge (Ponte Vecchio) with the story of Dante, evocative of countless people love beautiful reverie. Wandering in the white of european-style architecture, expect to encounter in a dream lover, beautiful spring scenery, the golden sunshine, such as white roses blooming inside. White gold hand in photograph reflect, luxuriant and pure, feeling and witness the true meaning of love. Throughout the &;

rose is the universal language of love, & other; Luxuriant, innocent, pure & throughout; Is the white rose says. As the season of love, chief architect Mario KLASSE14 Nobile in & other; White rose & throughout; For inspiration, to pure and romantic symbol of the White Rose gold into Italian amorous feelings and unique world-class fashion concept, with 2018 new OKTO White Rose series wrist watch!

new OKTO White Rose series wrist watch, a total of 2 or more, in combination with KLASSE14 present hottest Volare OKTO series 8 edge shape design, the meaning of romantic love Rose gold and classic White two colors match. The biggest characteristic is the design of the dial, white dial with a rose gold watch case Volare sag and the clockwise, elegant sparkling rose gold in the white foil below, highlight and attractive temperament, especially delicate and noble.

OKTO White Rose Mesh

OKTO White Rose Leather

strap is divided into a Rose gold chain belt and White Leather strap two paragraphs, in order to meet the demand of different outfit to wear. Low-key leather strap, or metal chain belt to the extreme, the colour collocation of the platinum create the unique romantic and gorgeous texture, will bring new elegant romantic experience, fashion gorgeous watch wearing!

watch parameters:

table size: 28 mm

5 ATM/50 meters waterproof

movement: Japan miyota quartz movement

Do you know? Some watch box may more beautiful than the wrist watch!

we all know appreciate the beauty of the wrist watch, a lot of time but ignores the list box. The following table boxes, different from the design of the quadrature in the compasses, high level of appearance. To extend the design concept of wrist watch to watch box, perfect products, but also reflects the unique creativity.

MB& Watch of wrist of FHorological Machine 1

 1. JPG

MB& F unconstrained style wrist watch design, packaging, also don’t walk unusual road table with 2 replacement strap inside the box, it’s not too, giving a fashionable messenger bag, watch box can fit to receive them. Price of $200000 to send what is understandable.

Raymond  Weil bud MengWei champagne city NABUCCOCELLO tourbillon watches

 2. JPG

 3. JPG

the watch and music, cleverly reflects the theme of the cello. Meter box and maximum embodies the wrist watch music elements, four strings penetration, create the visual perception of micromorphological instrument.

when Zenith really force exalted series Columbus hurricane revolutionaries wrist watch

 4. JPG

watch box with bone inlaid mahogany, decorated with parchment style papyrus silk screen design, depicting the image of the three famous South American revolutionaries (Simon? Bolivar is Latin America famous revolutionist, thinker, and military; Cut? The freedom of, is the most unusual adventurer and utopia of the greatest warriors; Emily jarno? Zapata? Salazar is Mexican revolutionary leader, he led farmers to overthrow DaZhengFu weir. In addition to the table, it can also be used to collect 80 cigars.

the 150th anniversary of the Bulgari Bulgari Octo AllBlacks restrictions on wrist watch

 5. JPG

bulgari with the New Zealand rugby team & other; Throughout all blacks &; The special edition (AllBlacks) cooperation. Watch box to make the shape of a rugby, emblazoned with the logo of all blacks & ndash; & ndash; Silver fern leaf and 1905 words, this is a very meaningful year, in 1905, the first room, bulgari store opened in Rome, for the first time this year and all blacks to the northern hemisphere, began their storied history.

Coinwatch Star Wars themed limited wrist watch

 6. JPG

“Star Wars” before the release, Coinwatch launched four gold award series to salute the dial with 3 d effect on present the classic character in the movie, watch more attach a special Star Wars theme packaging, list box with Star Wars limited mementoes, extremely collection value.

Omega  Aqua Terra gold wrist watch

 7. JPG

 8. JPG

to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 007 gold finger film and omega hippocampal series Aqua Terra wrist watch, with 18 k gold watch case, watch; The end of a second hand for delicate 007 mark, respect to the big-name agent.

table boxes stacked on the modelling of building came from the fort Knox gold and silver reserves.

the Swatch & other; The seemingly simple & throughout; Artists limited wrist watch

 9. JPG

 10. JPG

the watch by Portuguese Joana artist Vasconcelos design, from northern Portugal artisans were gold and silver silk linen technology experts, they created by Joana manuscript gold dial. Let people think jewelry box packaging design. Black velvet box draw the outline of phnom penh decoration, lifted the lid on perforation design perspective, through the hole could see the dial of the watch.

TAG Heuer MonacoMikrograph wrist watch

 11. JPG

the Monaco Mikrograph watches can capture the speed of 1/100 of a second, even worse is that it’s box by South African artist Paul du Toit personally, and coloring.

Grain under the gem filled infinite

sunshine, wheat field, the scene of a harvest by innumerable paintings, photographs, films, this represents a warm, rich and happy scene, now has a new paint. Dazzling jewelry to deduce the harvest wheat, originally look common wheat under the gem filled infinite.

depict a good harvest of wheat with gem

treasure dragon poem & ndash; & ndash; Summer grain

7 stalk is a symbol of French folk traditional lucky charm. Boucheron treasure dragon poem in the lucky symbol for inspiration, in a whole new way to deduce the classic brand beginning since 1889 & ndash; The question mark necklace. Lingering neck on grain lifelike, parody in the wind, arouse the fall harvest season memory; Sky diamonds elaborate which just like the moonlight sparkles with splendor of the crop. Hand in photograph reflect with series bracelet and ring for the luxury classics into fulfillment.

Summer grain (Wheat of Summer) & have spent

still the Paris & ndash; & ndash; Harvest symbol

grain in western myth story with good moral, Mr Lacey goddess in charge of the symbol of wheat harvest, give diamond jewelry work rich aesthetic feeling.

& other; La Nature DE CHAUMET” Grain of & other; Sunshine throughout the field &; Wearing necklaces

chanel & ndash; & ndash; Hot praise

Les Bles DE CHANEL CHANEL is the first series to grain design of fine jewelry series for inspiration. Les Bles DE CHANEL series shows to the world of CHANEL fine jewelry series of “elegance, also to jia BaiLiEr & middot; One of the most unique logo chanel & ndash; Grain to offer the most hot sincere praise.

CHANEL Les Bles DE CHANEL fine jewelry series

Concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open LengFan higher than that of the New Year

不论腿长腿短,终究都完成了跨年来到2016的各位,自然要比以往更会搭配and变更美。 Looking back at the beginning & other; Sex apathy wind & throughout; Boom, believe everybody’s jewelry box is one of the most concise style earrings, might as well use them a lot, open their high cold new fashion. DetailPic

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

in addition, with the overflow, now people pursue beauty of idea you have ear hole quantity is not more, it also brought new opportunities for earrings design, even if it’s just the earrings longer, also can match new feeling. Well, from here to start.

variable-length eardrop

long pendant earrings match special posture, especially with multiple ear hole, can stimulate the infinite possibility.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

the appearance of the chain of can give a person with neutral beauty forever, no matter be made into a thick the gentle necklace or earrings. And the use of good appearance, and through the different shape between the ear hole, no doubt to the collocation of clever girl so big space. & have spent & have spent

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

of course, there is only one ear pierced girl is not a personality of its own beauty, less on the slender earrings add one more of your favorite succinct modelling, also can yet be regarded as the smart thing to do.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

but there is some tips, regardless of square round or other shape, can use earring face woman, collocation is the most powerful capability privilege can be attained. The variable-length earrings, also make up for some beautiful girls & other; Face edges and corners not enough clear & throughout; Regret it.

line draw the outline of

said & other; Throughout the chain &; , by the way & other Line & throughout; . For girls think you ear contour is not perfect, slightly & other; Monotonous & throughout; The line became the Gospel.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

to say the beauty of line earrings, mostly embodied in the comparison. Ears, round contour edges form contrast with earrings, ear lobe of soft and hard contrast with earrings, but it is undeniable that the contrast just created beauty.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

in the same way, a little modelling outline, such as & other; T” Glyph, can still play a good grooming effect, and add some capable beauty.

geometry charm

with emphasis on the effect of grooming, earring through geometrical modelling capture many earrings to a woman’s heart is really not in the minority. Can reveal the light ripe feeling just good, only geometric design.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

geometry biggest charm lies in those who build clear enough obvious color piece, interprets the character, ponder, omnipotent.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

when it comes to geometry, the triangle is absolutely not. Compared with traditional square, triangle charm has been opened by the designers infinite possibility, no matter by stretching or overlay to create beauty, triangle has unlimited potential waiting to be opened.

color impact

to say how to play the color, probably one of the most classic color red and black is worthy of. Can now hold red lip girl is becoming more and more distinctive red became the biggest problem.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

in the studied many earrings match red lip makeup look, fine sister still feel to play with the most insurance from the color, also the best. Black earrings is not only more prominent red lip is gorgeous, even spin the visual effect of hairstyle, lets face more show delicate and cabinet.

concise wind earrings still predominate in ears open New Year high LengFan

even with a bit modelling, black can perfectly & other; Simplicity & throughout; , rendering the atmosphere concise beauty gracefully.

A wear watch vulgar? That is what you didn’t master the collocation method

don’t take it for granted that only the money never will buy a gold watch, we are here to watch name: the design of the watch can be elegant, the gentleman, wear proper can reflect your selected tables also taste.

 10802558 _350797385100581_2067595355_n. JPG

 11917981 _168255690173695_1641861760_n. JPG

 785223373 d7da5cbce1b33dd61df601b_b. JPG

 screen shot 2016-04-17 9.58.52 afternoon. PNG

watch the match the sample, if found gold band together can also cool and have a type? Heart, look at the following a few.

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series timing wrist RMB 449000

 20130116135832193631726 JPG

18 k 5 n pink gold case for 42 mm in diameter, through inspiration from brand Maltese cross envisage the bezel with crown and screw lock button, can protect the mechanical movement from the magnetic field effects of up to 25000 A/m, ensure accurate as well.

Rolex Rolex oyster perpetual motion type type week calendar watch

 Rolex. JPG

pure gold watchband is equipped with three arched link, link embedded ceramic components, more flexible and durable. Outer ring the new hidden underneath our connection to ensure that strap watchcase and achieve seamless connection between visual effect. A new generation of concealment type crown buckle with hinged rolex open crown logo, for the strap added dot eyeball on aesthetics and function.

Audemars Piguet royal oak Abby perpetual calendar watch

 20160119042638338 JPG

watch the most classic combination of gold and watchmaking complex function. In & other; Grande Tapisserie” Big case grain decoration on the dial, date, week, month, week display, accurate phases of the moon, dial outer ring and a leap year show clear. 41 mm gold watch case and band together, show a wrist watch the style of pure and hale, word collocation AP folding clasp strap, the width of the natural decline, smooth lines.

it treasure pearl Villeret series stealth set-up through all phases of the moon watches

 6654-3642 - MMB_front. PNG

the 18 k red gold woven strap is very characteristic, tie-in Villeret dial looks is very gentle. Especially it took their cue from the 18th century in terms of date display period of ancient traditional tabulation, use blue steel on the dial serpentine pointer, to identify the different instruction function.

The six trademark design, allows you to instantly recognize classic wrist watch

watch of wrist of some classic to without logo can also recognize, remember them as long as the iconic design.

 640 JPG

universal big crown

the original design purpose is to facilitate the pilot in the case of not the gloves can adjust their wrist, development up to now, this & other; Crown & throughout; Has become the IWC nations pilot series is the most representative & other; DNA” One of the appearance.

 2. JPG

Cartier & other; Sapphire crown & throughout;

if you go to the website search, will find that most of the Cartier watches crown will be set with a round of sapphire, which is the symbol of the brand & other; Blue blood noble & throughout; Tonal.

 3. JPG

product home Reverso turning the dial

the nobles of early love to play polo, but vigorous exercise easily through the dial, then the product family design Reverso wrist watch, the surface of the above and below the slippery course, make table can easily back flip, so as to protect the surface.

 4. JPG

pei na sea semi-circular crown protection device

semicircular protector with mobile protect rod, when protection rod in the closed position, press the crown and form good sealing space, prevent water entered in the table.

 5. JPG

OMEGA hold claw design

OMEGA was introduced in 1982 & other; Hold claw & throughout; Design, on the round table circle has two symmetrical four PAWS, he was used to sign series wrist watch, now has become one of the symbol sign series.

 6. JPG

“movado red dot

when 12 position with a dot, this is no digital dial design fully reflects the essence 20 s of the Bauhaus school of design, more permanent by New York’s museum of modern art collection.