One over one million of a second of the Olympic Games, omega precisely defined

this is a competition on time.

03:29:34 Michael & bull; Phelps at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men’s 4 & times; Harvest of 100 – meter medley relay events in the Olympic Games the eighth gold medal

00:00:05 Chad & bull; Le & bull; Close in London in 2012 won the gold medal in the men’s 200 – meter butterfly leading achievement

the Olympic Games, is a competition on time.

do you know, how the result is accurate to 0.01 second recorded? How do they remain so accurate?

the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. The game clock using manual pocket watch, precision only 1/5 of a second. The swimming time, alone need 24 the referee to decide. The fairness of the game is controversial.

36 years Olympic Games in Los Angeles, change happens finally.

1932 open time Olympic legend

& have spent In 1932, a watchmaker omega, invited by bocog alone from Switzerland to Los Angeles, for the Olympic Games take 30 pieces of the Swiss typhoon thayer observatory certification of preciseness degree after needle pocket watch, good timing task completed the Olympic Games, the game and the result was accurate to nearly 1/10 of a second, more help to the Los Angeles Olympic Games has established 17 new world record.

an unprecedented chose a company to undertake the Los Angeles Olympic Games timing task, all of the events is a breakthrough sports timing milestones. The Olympic Games sports technical director William & bull; Henry wrote: & other; Olympic Games to unprecedented achievements, must be approved in the great role of omega behind international sporting events. Throughout the &;

omega deep cooperation with the Olympic Games.

new era 1948 modern sports timing

London summer Olympic Games in 1948, two American athletes in the men’s 100 m final with lead time of 10.3 seconds to complete the competition. Omega are introduced for the games known as & other; Magic eye & throughout; The first end of the camera, it is by looking at the end the images provided by the camera, timekeepers precise judgment both players subtle differences as a result, the final judgement harrison & bull; Di win the gold medal.

& other; Magic eye & throughout; The application of optical digital equipment is one of the greatest change in the history of sports timing, it opens a new era of modern sports timing. From then on, the machine began to gradually replace human work in the more accurate timing.

1952 won & other; Throughout the Olympic cross &;

in the Helsinki Olympic Games, omega launch Time Recorder, marked the Olympic Games into the era of electronic timing. The timer will result accurate to 1/100th of a second, you can also print the results of the competition. Omega so won & other; Throughout the Olympic cross &; .

1960 reflection lead innovation

Roman summer Olympic Games in 1960, is by the omega as a Olympic events in time by the naked eye to judge the outcome for the last time. This approach to finish in the men’s 100 m freestyle revealed shortcomings, the referee when deciding the scudetto divided, and the end result may be unjust miscalculation.

in order to ensure fair game timing more accurate, omega was introduced to the event after installation in the pool of terminal automatic touch pad, time stop swimming athletes will be able to use both hands.

the timing technology for the first time in 1967 put into use, and achieve great success in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City.

1964 Olympic Games in the first full electronic

in wormwood, brooke winter Olympics, developed by omega Omegascope track monitor, bring revolutionary breakthrough for exercise time, introduced the concept of real-time in the TV sports broadcast. This device can make the TV also showed many contestants on the screen of the timing for the audience to watch and comparison in a timely manner.

is the first winter Olympic Games in 1964 by the Olympic Games on TV, is the first full electronic games.

one figure is worth 1968 words

in 1968, the summer Olympic Games in Mexico City for the first time the instantaneous fixation across the finish line of participants in a photograph. A minute after the end of the game, the referee can get an enlargement was clear images, accurate above show that the performance of the participants.

this year is the first time in Olympic history to full use of electronic timing, all timing equipment all electronically. Omega send 45 timekeepers and 8 tons of timing equipment. The track of the track and field events no longer has a time-keeper by ladder, the photo finish printer in the Olympic stadium in Mexico City captured 10 world record. Touchpad timer in the use of the swimming events also solves the problem of the wall time swimmers.

1984 violations accurate monitoring of false start

record 1984 summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles for a series of unforgettable is famous for its athletic performance, including the United States star Carl & bull; One lewis won four gold MEDALS of excellence performance.

in the Olympic Games is the biggest technological inventions pressure sensing detector pistol, this device is used in the track and field and swimming events. Unusually sensitive to the device, its operation principle is determined by measuring the athletes on the blocks pressure to determine whether the false start. & have spent 1992 time induction camera arises at the historic moment

the albertville winter Olympics, omega first light induction end camera system is used to measure the speed skating athletes performance. In a crossed the finish line at the moment of athletes, this system can be digitized measuring time, accurate to one hundred thousandth of a second.

2010, extremely rich sense of the future of the starting gun

omega has developed a new electronic pistol, and put into use in 2010 vancouver winter Olympics for the first time. The red streamlined device by a flash gun, and a voice box, and connected with each player behind the speaker. Along the way, all participants can also hear the starting gun.

2012, one over one million of a second

London Olympics, omega introduces three new timing devices. Including a sprinter dedicated new Blocks (Starting Blocks), can rapidly directives of the top three finished & other; Swimming ranking indicator light & throughout; (Swimming Show), as well as high precision for the track and field and water sports Quantum Timer (Quantum Timer). Omega opens a new era of quantum timing, its accuracy has been improved to one over one million of a second.

the 2016 Olympics in Rio is omega 27th as a formal Olympic timing we will reveal to you more amazing timing technology please look!

classic masterpiece reproduce all over the world.

a few years ago, in a secret corner of omega headquarters was found in a batch without assembly timing movement suite. Omega master of tabulation of the dusty parts repair, and create 1932 timer watch upgrade after engraving, it makes for the 1932 Olympics after injection timing pocket watch & ndash; & ndash; One of the most legendary watch omega again.